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  1. Diadochi

    Does this happen everywhere or is this just me?

    fast food places suck. You are working with young power obsessive managers who think they own the place. I quit straight after training and ended up getting a job at woolies much better :D
  2. Diadochi

    UWS or ACU???

    Hey guys, My atar was 73.15..yeah not brilliant, but I wanted to know what is the best university for completing a bachelor in sport and exercise science? (ACU or UWS) ????
  3. Diadochi

    What are your rituals/routines before an exam?

    I personally have to go to the toilet before every exam. So yeah what do you do?
  4. Diadochi

    Gym/Weight lifting Rollcall!

    185cm 84kg 9% bodyfat Want to be as close to 100kg when I'm older
  5. Diadochi

    Agro teacher story's

    Geography teacher in year 7 screamed at me, then chucked my desk to the floor and snapped all my pencils. ( we were not aloud to have pencils only pens lol) Full shat my pants and never misbehaved in his class again haha
  6. Diadochi

    Critique my physique

    lol'd at leg pic
  7. Diadochi

    Fitness & Health Chatter Thread

    Damn bro, 25kg dumbbells you must be aesthetic!! How does one achieve to lift this heavy weight and be aesthetic at the same time????
  8. Diadochi

    Fitness First Free Holiday Course

    The first time you enter, they should give you a rundown on how to use the equipment properly, and a free tour of the gym. Then after, you just use whatever you want. It's good to go for the experience, to see whether or not you would like to join a gym in the future.
  9. Diadochi

    Need help!?! Subject choices!?!?!?!

    I'm unsure if I should drop Food Technology, I'm currently ranking close to last overall in the year. I have spoken to teachers etc, I don't think it benefits me in anyway keeping it, aside from a backup subject. So if I did drop it I would still have 10 units, Legal, Bio, CAFS, Standard...