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  1. Maddogg

    Tell us what u got! Opinions?

    i found it pretty good.... i realised i did some stupid mistakes in MC... Q2Q was fun :) n d core wasnt 2 bad... u didnt have 2 understand particle accelerators to do that question because it told u everything u needed to the d actual question
  2. Maddogg

    Particle Accelerator

    yeah im pretty sure suken eyes is right... but i didnt use that many equations lol i did "an english answer" to it lol cause thats wat this new "physics" course wants
  3. Maddogg

    Well that was a load of crap...

    physics is over who cares wat its meant 2 b go study for ur other exams and get over it. its done in d past forget about it
  4. Maddogg

    wat raw marks??

    ill be disappointed with anything below 80
  5. Maddogg

    How did you three unit guys find the 2 unit exam?

    im a 3unit student n one of the top in my skol not trying to brag.... n i really fukd this exam i rekon ill b lucky to get 80% fuk maths was my best subject :(
  6. Maddogg

    hand writing

    there is a guy at my school who does that too... my handwritings shocking i should of done it
  7. Maddogg

    The Official Module C - Texts and Society (Section III) Thread

    Q.10 CONSUMERISM i didnt take into considertaion about the website but i took into consideration it was directed at hsc students and included that in my intro and conclusion.... i only had 20-25 mins to do this section errr i wish i had more time i only wrote 5.5 pages and i had to rush...
  8. Maddogg

    The Official Module B - Close Study of Text (Section II) Thread

    DRAMA - THE SHOEHORN SONATA omg omg it was the most broad and easy question i have seen in my life..... all it wanted was themes and techniques unlike previous years questions where they were hard to understand and it was very similar to an essay i had done before so that helped too :)
  9. Maddogg

    The Official Module A - Experience Through Language (Section I) Thread

    q.3 TRUMAN SHOW omg it was exactly what i had studied for i nailed it it was the best question in the exam... some people had troubles with interpreting the question but once you did that it was sooooo easy n broad i have never had so much fun in an exam in my life ;)
  10. Maddogg

    Anyone know where you could get cathloic/independent trials for english in 2003 ?

    umm i did d cssa 2003 trial... theres nowhere where i can find the independent trial but my school gave me it in the end lol but answer 2 ur question i dont think its anywhere on the net
  11. Maddogg

    Related texts

    i need some for changing perspective looking for alibrandi 2 :( but for image truman show u can use big bro and the other "reality tv shows" the braddy bunch
  12. Maddogg

    Help Wit Trumanshow

    i made up a related text for change hehe n it worked i got 13/15 lol
  13. Maddogg


    lol i have 2 agree wit mathematican
  14. Maddogg

    Swap Essays!!

    i have 1 2 swap for consumerism but not alibrandi can i have a look at ur alibrandi n consumerism?
  15. Maddogg

    I Need Notes!!

    can ne1 help?
  16. Maddogg

    Help Wit Trumanshow

    okay thanks :)
  17. Maddogg

    Quotes...need to know page number??

    i used 2 quote numbers but my teacher said that i shouldnt
  18. Maddogg

    Help Wit Trumanshow

    nah i havnt heard it thanks :)
  19. Maddogg

    Free Uai Estimater???

    ive heard of it... is it reliable??? id rather have a free one lol its pretty annoying 2 have 2 pay if u dont know if its good or not and its like im only going 2 use it once and there goes $15 :( and it might not even be good cause ive tried others b4 n they were just retarted
  20. Maddogg

    Free Uai Estimater???

    is there anywhere where i can get a FREE UAIESTIMATER???