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  1. nine9

    Paper one

    I mean if ur going into politics or media u gotta have the words to bend the truth u know...so butchering essays will actually be helpful!
  2. nine9

    Paper one

    my passion comes from the fact that I can't drop english so u just gotta love it man😇
  3. nine9

    I'm starting to lose passion for English advanced - should I drop to standard?

    True lmao. I had a look at standard texts and holy they are so boring.
  4. nine9

    Year 10 Subject Selection

    Completely forgot how Yr 10 works. Anyways hsie subjects are pretty fun and helps a lot with English. Also people do look up to hsie kids (at my school anyways). You can always drop again in Yr 11.
  5. nine9

    Should a struggling student go down to 10 units?

    I'd say talk with your teachers? What do they think about your performance in each subject? Also I don't believe you "can't find the time" to practise, unless you just hate maths and simply cannot be motivated enough to do questions, in which case, dropping it is your best bet since it's gonna...
  6. nine9

    is anyone else really depressed? looking for a bestie or pen pal

    pop into my pm if you wanna talk about anything at all <3
  7. nine9

    ICAS help :)

    Do you take a long time to read the text? Maybe challenge yourself with difficult novels or articles (non-fiction stuff are always good). Also a tip that may not work for you, read the questions before the text so you know what you're looking for.
  8. nine9

    whats most important topics from year 11 bio for hsc?

    My teacher says that they barely ask stuff from yr 11 bio in hsc, like one question at most. Good to know the general stuff but don't worry about every little detail.
  9. nine9

    Year 11 Maths Textbooks

    Could also try the old Cambridge textbook if you haven't already
  10. nine9

    1984 essay assignment ideas

    I'd definitely write around Winston's individual experiences - what distinguishes him from the rest. I agree with what's been said so far but would add a few more general things you can try to explore: (note: very general, I haven't really thought through most of these points!) 1. The...