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  1. Logey

    END OF HSC PARTY – Win DOUBLE BACKSTAGE PASSES to see Cut Copy & The Potbelleez

    wow this looks amazing, cut copy and bagraiders. Nobody else seems keen, but this be rad! So give me a few days to mull over a good response and then hand me the tickets! oh yeah and how much is this event?
  2. Logey

    Byron Bay - past schoolies attenders in Byron please help

    can someone give me some advice on the best clubs/pubs and cheapest places for grocery, food and alcohol?
  3. Logey

    weed makes you smarter

    It's different for everyone, fucks with me, I am already disorganized and stuff and weed dosn't help. i wont smoke until after hsc man
  4. Logey

    Terrigal 2010 anyone?

    I live right near terrigal avoca, copa. Terrigal is where you want to go fo meeting loads of people, going out etc. Avoca is beautiful and quiet and each year schoolies kids usually meet and throw partys and stuff.Plus there is a good pub. and recently they built a sweet mexican bar/club. Copa...
  5. Logey

    What would you like to see on BOS?

    Less hate filled, racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-religious threads. Ban people who engage in these. seriously... Its great to see the young people of today, fed by their ignorant parents. BOS needs basic Respect for all races, religious beleifs and cultural differences.
  6. Logey

    IRP- Topics and Tips

    thanks so much!
  7. Logey

    Do you think the Pope should have a say on homosexuality when he is celibate?

    I agree with you. But why be such a prick about it. Don’t you have the capacity to answer a curious query? Maybe he would understand and listen to you if you didn’t act in a cyber rage of violence. You are a prick and 24 is shit
  8. Logey

    IRP- Topics and Tips

    Hey guys, I sort of left this to the last minute, the IRP is dude next week friday (yikes) anyway does anyone have tips on writing a good ,fake diary? I want it to look kind of legit. anyway let me know if you have any tips.
  9. Logey

    Cafs IRP

    Hey if somebody could send me there irp so i have an example of how to set it up? i wont copy or anyhting, mine is on underage drinking. please help a brother out, i will fill out surveys for you? cloges@gmail.com thanks
  10. Logey

    Hopsitality notes

    i have the same problem but my exam is in an hour so yeah aha
  11. Logey

    Ancient History People

    Hey everyone. We are doing your usual ; pompeii, egypt at my school, but we aRe also doing the Myceneans. Is anybody else doing the myceneans because i feel like im the only one, and there is so little information on it. thanks .
  12. Logey

    Art express ? ?

    reference postmodernism and use the frames. There is pretty blatant politicall stuff in here, eg the aboriginal and the word 'invasion'.
  13. Logey

    art competitions directory

    are these annual competitions? are any of them based on major works?
  14. Logey

    Major Work Woes..

    It probably is slightly postmodern because it challenges conventional artmaking methods, eg using pre used items and mixed media. However you could make it more postmodern by including some kind of interpretation and recontextualising it. that Basically means take a famous qoute,image ,character...
  15. Logey

    Major Work Woes..

    Hey did you see last years art express? This girl did a similar work based on her brothers ceribal Pausy (wrong spelling), she drew how he would see the world, she did different sized panels with charchoal, it was amazing. I dont know how but if you can check it out, would be rad inspiration for...
  16. Logey

    how to analyse/decode artworks

    It's all about using the framework, look at it from different perspectives including your the artists, audience. Look at it through subjective,structural, postmodern and cultural frames. seriously hasn't anyone taught you that yet
  17. Logey

    Does God exist?

    I completely agree with you and the bloke above.As you say, the majority of the people on this forum are (rightfully) not adults, and I beleive they havn't researched the necessary sources enough. Ive noticed a lot of these kids getting fairly defencive over their beleifs, after all this forum...
  18. Logey

    Welcome & Roll Call - Class of 2010

    Thats why I did advance english rather than standard. The whole scaling thing annoys me. Have no idea what to aim for. my subjects are Visual Arts English advanced Hospitality Hospitality extension Ancient History CAFS and im just finishing my Cert 3 design course at billy blue during my...
  19. Logey

    In an exam, can you write in dot points in an essay?

    I'd pretty much say you should never do that. Maybe some genius could get away with it in year 10 but its risky and not worth it.