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  1. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    1st n 2nd round??

    who was most likely ppl to be enrolled in 1st n 2nd round for uni?>??????
  2. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    4got To Apply!!!!!

    hellpppp my friend has forgot to chnage her prefernces according to her marks,, is there any way that she will b able to change themm,,,, helpp urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    Reality Check

    so u sayin they mite end up lower??? plz explain
  4. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    fail anythn?????????

    just wonderin if anyone got 5o or below for a sub????? spewin mannnnn,,,,,
  5. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd


    im totally against that woman who said ive had a good life and its time for me to go... like wtf!!!! nah man theres morals n grounds that i stand on,,,, it aint rite!
  6. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    the ring

    can sumone explain to me y she didnt die yet the guy did???? confused,, me and scary movies dont mix to well these days after hearn a story. mind u the cinema was EMPTY to make things betta ayy...
  7. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd


    srgt slik or watever ur name is,, religion is one of the best subjects in the HSC i can see your athiest but we all do some respect
  8. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    Multiple Choice Answers

    how can the last m.c answer be A. isnt the answer christianity.......................
  9. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    uac confirmation letter

    i got oneee.. confirmation or ur preferneces??????
  10. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    Formal Dresses!!!

    sheesh as if u had ur fromal already,, n ur dress looks like a cultural dress.. is it????
  11. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    y do i cum out :(

    cum again??
  12. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    open the MAIL!!!

    lol easy way outtt huh ill guess ill go away too and ill cum bak in 2050
  13. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    Please help me answer this question....

    includes things such as spiritual connection to the land, sacred central to the dreamin tribul law, local oral sacred stories, oral tradition painting dance song ritual ancestral beings inhabited the land no concept of salvation redemption while non ab beliefs include utilitarian view...
  14. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    BEST STRESS RELIEF (it works)

    i luv enya music,,,,, now thats stress reliefffff
  15. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    UPANISHADS<< no idea!

    nah man i aint gona do dat again,, ill stik to the ones i know wats the difference bw assimilation and protectionism in reference to aboriginies
  16. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    UPANISHADS<< no idea!

    do u wana laugh see how we had to do just 3 questions well i wasnt aware of it and did the whole five dont know how i did it!!! and i managed to cum 2nd i hope im that luky in the hsc:eek:
  17. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    open the MAIL!!!

    well i got nutn to keep my mind off it
  18. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd


    yikes! if thats the case for these exams being easier than last yrs,, im a gonna!!! :rolleyes: thnx by the way :) oh yeh n i saw ur article in the paper.. good job this site is one thing that keeps me from studyin so im not gona thank u for that :p
  19. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd

    UPANISHADS<< no idea!

    yeh i guess u have a point.. do u find the 1st part of the exam easy.. xty in oz from 1901 to present.. was there any complaints about last yrs paper. i hope there was...
  20. WaTs 2 CuM AhEd


    bcoz its givin me a low mark:mad1: lol nah i dont know with all assessmnt marks n all...