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  1. angelicdevil

    Art Express Nominees- Post your works here

    o.k this is going to sound really stupid.. but hey... here it goes... wat is artxpress? hehe.. see i told ya it would sounds stupid :uhhuh: but honestly..wat is it? :confused:
  2. angelicdevil

    easy Physic. that i need help with

    oh yea! kool thanx.. i just never heard of that formula but now i do remember using it
  3. angelicdevil

    easy Physic. that i need help with

    im wit lotta cooties, i have never seen than before and its got me majorly confuzzled :confused:
  4. angelicdevil

    did u think the forensics section was stuffed?

    if with Russ on this one i think the exam was totally sucky! i hated it. although i didnt mind the forensics section but knowing me i probably went crap in it anyway... hope u guys did alright.. i doubt i will get anything near 70, i think i will b lucky if i even passed... :rolleyes:
  5. angelicdevil

    Why Isnt Anyone doing Forensic?

    hehe relax... lol i suprised my self too... :uhhuh: im just glad that i could help
  6. angelicdevil

    Molar heat of combustion

    is it just me? or did all that just majorly confuzzle other ppl too? :confused: ive done a practice question like the orginal question posted on this thread... the question was... a student used each of the follwing spirit burners (being methanol, ethanol and propanol) to determine the...
  7. angelicdevil

    Why Isnt Anyone doing Forensic?

    cool! thanx for that hunny.. :) yea he basically gave us the whole syllubus as an assignment. we were behind in class so i guess it was a good way of covering everything for our selves... :) :rolleyes:
  8. angelicdevil


    yea ive chekced it out.. thanx for trying to help though! :)
  9. angelicdevil


    does any one have anything on the wilfred owen poems.. futility,the send off, dulce et decorum est, anthem for doomed youth, the last laugh and the next war i kno what i have to write about techniques etc.. i just dont think i will b able to remember which lines belong to which poem.. some...
  10. angelicdevil

    essay on RAW

    hehe yea, my spelling is pretty bad when i type on the pc coz i type way too fast, soz guys.. but thanx for the tips
  11. angelicdevil

    essay on RAW

    im just going to put up my essay on RAW, hopefully it helps some one. it got a really good mark in class so im thinking its not too bad.. :rolleyes: ill try and leave the supplementary material out so you can decide what you want there for yourself.. well hopefully this helps! it was an...
  12. angelicdevil

    essay on THE CLUB and supplementary texts...

    hey i kno im not the only person sweating on this module.. so i thought ide chuck my essay on THE CLUB and my two supplementary texts ; KATH 'N' KIM and THE GLASSHOUSE. hopefully it helps some one cram something in tonight for the exam tomorow! :uhhuh: Composers frequently use...
  13. angelicdevil


    doing things lyk kath 'n' kim, the footy show. the glasshouse (abc comical panel), 110% tony squires, radio interviews.. etc etc etc... just some ideas for ppl out there :uhhuh:
  14. angelicdevil

    Techniques help

    ooo.. also write about the tones of music used in the song, such as is it heavy metal, or pop, or classical and write how it enhances the words in the lyrics or how it contrasts them... and i guess you could write about thevideo clip of the song too and how the video clip works with the...
  15. angelicdevil

    plot ideas?

    this might b a bit late but it migh help others... try using plots from movies you have seen that interest you, but change it so that you are involved in it or make it some way related to you personally making sure that you change the names from the real movie and give it a bit of a twist...
  16. angelicdevil

    Techniques help

    hey i chose to do a song for my folio for inner journeys so i could have a few supplementary materials..one of the questions i had to answer was..." what was the effect of the language devices (techniques) used in influencing the readers/viewers opinion?" basically i answered that by sayign...
  17. angelicdevil

    Ethene and Ethanol

    or vice versa :p
  18. angelicdevil

    Ethene and Ethanol

    i think diluted sulfuric acid is used for hydration and concentrated sulfuric acid for dehydration
  19. angelicdevil


    hehe thanx!... :p
  20. angelicdevil

    some one help!

    ive listed a question in forenic chemistry about chromatography.. im waiting for some replies.. can some one help me please!