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  1. Samu

    primary teaching at uws

    lol at the first math patterns lecture, everyone trying to pack it too shit because of the other horrible time available
  2. Samu

    primary teaching at uws

    Everything is set, see people tomorrow i guess : P
  3. Samu

    primary teaching at uws

    Ok I believe i've got all my correct units enrolled for my first year. Ive got the 4 core units enrolled plus 2 psychology (being my key program) and 2 education study units. Being a total of 80 units for the year. Is this correct thus far? I'm doing this way too late i believe. Anyway...
  4. Samu

    Help selecting units !

    Im in the exact same boat, i want to do psychology and a language but yeah ive got no idea whats going on. Help ? :S
  5. Samu

    should i accept the offer?

    Yeah just accept it aye... Im doing the same course at the bankstown campus..I was shitting myself because i had 68.85 uai ..still got in though. I was considering doing a diploma in child hood studies at tafe but since i got in F that shit. lollies Samuel.
  6. Samu

    primary teaching at uws

    Hey all I'm doing the B/primary education course aswell at the Bankstown campus. Seriously wtf is with the enrolment process on the uws website, the unit selection process is so confusing. I got as far as setting up my SR account and selecting a payment method for the course. Didn't really...
  7. Samu

    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Re: How Was The Exam 2008!?!?! Yeah I chose RTF aswell for the multiple choice question. The question regarding the OH&S was bullshit but apart from that the whole exam was pretty straight forward imo. I did 20 and 21 because they were easy to waffle on about pretty much anything in regards...
  8. Samu

    Does the Trialz for IT VET count?

    It's something like 200 people in the entire state that do Vet IT ..so im willing to take the odds that I get a band 6 lol
  9. Samu

    To those who are considering to do this subject

    Personally I think it's a pretty good subject, in my case anyway...it's so fuckking easy? I got 89% for the preliminary exam and I don't have a book for the subject, it's common sense which is what IT is. Work experience was at a net cafe on george st where i played games, and we play dota...