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  1. champo14

    Tune violin for AMEB exam..

    Grade 4? Proof that the system is flawed. What kind of teacher doesn't teach a student how to play in tune? Until grade four!?
  2. champo14


    Woo yeah! Practise! what insturment you play? Trombone how long are you ment to practice a day? Three hours how long do you ACTUALLY practice a day? ~ Two hours. whats your grade? First year university. I haven't been on this forum in ages. How y'all doin?!
  3. champo14

    The Pay Thread

    Re: Pay Rate? Ouch
  4. champo14

    Which is better??

    I lol'd
  5. champo14


    Not quite sure what your trying to say there buddy, but to answer your question "Why a lot of people lose their virginity when they don't love each others?" It's because they want to get laid, and experience what it's like. Why should they 'love' each other? Of course having sex with someone...
  6. champo14

    My 18th Birthday Today!

    Getting loose tonight? EDIT: Shit you're a guy. Has anyone told you you write like a girl?
  7. champo14

    Absent Notes

    TBH I bet the school doesn't even give a shit why you were late/absent. I had a guy in my year who wrote things like "My time machine malfuntioned" or "Not late, early for tomorrow"
  8. champo14

    Will you be booted out of the house if you do not achieve a good UAI?

    Yeah man we get it already; you're going to kill yourself.
  9. champo14

    What happens when just about every guy likes ur friend or other girls?

    What the fuck? Isn't the internet ruined enough?
  10. champo14

    Repeating yr 11 and 12

    Repeating year 11 is useless, as none of it counts to your HSC/UAI. Repeating year 12 because of one subject or for any reason for that matter is not very smart. If it's just one subject they should do pathways, and then they can chose which units they want to count for this year and which for...
  11. champo14

    What UAI would you be content/happy with?

    From the poll choices you seem to be suggesting that 80 is the minimum anyone could be happy with? Surely not.
  12. champo14

    board of studies rejecting my proposal

    Well, it is a pretty stupid thing to say...
  13. champo14

    Bass Guitars - Spector?

    Wow, this is probably the livliest music thread there has been in a long time. A little depressing, isn't it?
  14. champo14

    Where to sit to survive a plane crash

    How often do you get to choose your seat anyways? The brace position will probably be the one that saves you, if any, and it will probably be on a landing. IMO, anywhere else and your fucked.
  15. champo14

    Is it possible?

    Of course. I was just saying that if you put your half yearly assesment marks into SAM, it's not entirely accurate. And I'm not sure whether he's in yr 12 or yr 11?
  16. champo14

    Is it possible?

    Of course. Anything is possible. It also depends on if you go to a selective school or not. At least you've realised that you need to put some extra effort in to lift your marks. 75 to 85 at this stage is highly possible, so go for it!
  17. champo14

    Who pays board?

    Yep. Wait until your parents spring it on you. Or you maybe they'll just do what they did to an old school buddy of mine ; take it out of your bank account automatically.
  18. champo14

    Wii Fit

    In the meantime, why not buy a set of scales?
  19. champo14

    Who pays board?

    I pay $60 a week, which is bitchin'. And plus since I cook most of the food I get to buy whatever groceries I want and my parents reimburse me for them. Having said that, my house isn't exactly anywhere near ANYTHING, and if they charged my much more I probably wouldn't stay.