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  1. -neurosurgeon-

    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    you are so stuck up. learn some humility...omg
  2. -neurosurgeon-

    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    mod a - 11 pages mod b - 13 pages mod c - 9 pages very happy that they didnt have text types or specification on speeches in mod b =D
  3. -neurosurgeon-

    The Official "Thank God Year 11 Is Over" Thread

    lol actualli im not so glad its over - the year of doom i coming!! ><
  4. -neurosurgeon-

    UNSW interview news...

    congrats! damn i want to be where u guys are >< (the ones in unsw med) still one year to go...
  5. -neurosurgeon-


    yayness othello is OVER =D
  6. -neurosurgeon-

    english comparative study

    lol i did the same as poocalicious - what school u at?
  7. -neurosurgeon-

    Have you ever...

    lol heres mine for the day >> " *sigh* i am SO unarticulate! " - in last period english ^^
  8. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    lol prolly going to pick up 4u maths and keep 3u eng - then drop whichever one i hate more wahahaha! ^^
  9. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    thanks for all the advice guys! =D
  10. -neurosurgeon-

    Biology Syllabus Preliminary Thread

    lol nuh - its the amino acid sequencing in all animals - and they count how many diffs are between each organism - say with humans and chimpanzees, the difference would be small, say 2? but with humans and a pea plant - itd be like....40 lol dun think it has much to do with blood..
  11. -neurosurgeon-

    Biology Syllabus Preliminary Thread

    lol i agree - how are we stressed? hahahahah
  12. -neurosurgeon-


    pffft you suck.
  13. -neurosurgeon-

    prefect campaigning

    what do you think makes a good campaign - all ideas welcome =)
  14. -neurosurgeon-

    point of interest

    that should be no problem. all the sciences have large candidature in my school.
  15. -neurosurgeon-

    point of interest

    just a note of interest, according to our deputy principal, if a student from my school (baulkham hills high) gets around average for their courses, they will get a UAI of usually at least 97
  16. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    lol what school you go to?
  17. -neurosurgeon-

    Tess Of The D'urbervilles !!! (help)

    here we go, even a link for you click here for english essays on tess of durbervilles
  18. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    lol i think he means when i hit year 12 (not long away =( ) anyway, i did 3u eng to test it out - found out i dont like it much at all - teacher isnt in the room half the time - doesnt explain our assesment tasks properly.... *sigh* hmm well my school has been coming in the top 5 for a...
  19. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    what do you mean by my eng adv marks dont count? i thought they always counted as my "2 units of eng"... and i think i might do as you say, do 4u and ext eng then drop what i hate more =P
  20. -neurosurgeon-

    please vote: 4u maths or 3u eng?

    thanks guys for all your advice! =) in case u guys cbb to click my public profile....here are my current subjects... eng adv eng ext maths adv maths ext phys chem bio its already 12 units lol