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  1. sugar-high

    Japanese Extension - thoughts?

    I thought it was fairly difficult. :(
  2. sugar-high

    Nihongo de 日本語で

    minna nihongo pera-pera dane!! :0 ext japanese kekkou muzukashii ne...
  3. sugar-high

    So who's actually Jap?

    watashiwa nihonjin/taiwanjin dayo :] i know people who are also: japanese/german japanese/chinese japanese/egyptian japanese/aussie japanese/south american japanese/indonesian ha-fu no nihonjin ippai dane!!
  4. sugar-high

    study tips

    what are "ginkgo biloba" pills? and where do you buy them from? supermarkets? during my yrlies i used to buy lots of cans of energy drinks (red bull, V...) but i don't drink them now and so i get tired so easily! but they're not good for you either. so these gingko biloba pills are like...
  5. sugar-high

    Typing in Japanese on your Computer

    you can also download a program called "NJ Star". its pretty good cause it has a dictionary with it as well.