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  1. ScottyG

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    Was expecting 93-94, uni course cut-off was 96.8, SAM predicted 96.85; ended up with 97.35. Feel totally pleased and satisfied with it, and I'm so happy for everyone who surpassed or met their expectations. For those who didn't, it's just a number, and it shits me how that number can affect...
  2. ScottyG

    so who cheated?

    It's a name. Jesus.
  3. ScottyG

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    1 D 2 C 3 D 4 A 5 C 6 D 7 D 8 C 9 D 10 C 11 B 12 A 13 D 14 A - "Borrowing funds from the RBA" - disused, but legitimate, and correct. 15 A 16 B 17 A 18 A 19 B 20 B Almost certain of their correctness.
  4. ScottyG

    Section II : Short Answer

    "Explain how increase in interest rates in could affect two compents of the balance of payments." Warning: heavily summarised: Interest rates rise. Aggregate demand falls. Import consumption falls. Balance of goods and services component of Current Account improves. Interest rates rise...
  5. ScottyG

    Elite Athletes

    There are ways of achieving an academic goal if at first you fall short. If you fall short of a sporting goal, i.e. you are simply not good enough, there are no 'backroads' that will allow you to achieve that sporting goal, and you will have dashed your chances to achieve any potential academic...
  6. ScottyG

    accumulated rank??

    Being sent off to the BOS: English Adv: 1/89 - 90% English Ext 1: 2/26 - 88% [44/50 marks] English Ext 2: 1/14 - 96% [48/50 marks] Biology: 1/29 - 92% Economics: 1/18 - 96% Mathematics: 2/52 - 76% I'm really happy with how everything turned out. Bit pissed off about...
  7. ScottyG

    CSSA Trial Exam 2006

    88%, so so close :P
  8. ScottyG

    Class of 06 Post up your trial results and ranks

    Thankyou for letting us know.
  9. ScottyG


    Format steal [tired and lazy] Journeys Section 1- 11/15 Section 2 - 15/15 Section 3- 13/15 BN/BNW - 18/20 Gwen Harwood - ??/20 est: 14-16 Powerplay- 16/20 = 73/85 = 86% Decent, but not B6, and not enough to keep me in 1st.
  10. ScottyG

    CSSA Trial Results

    Shit nice work!
  11. ScottyG

    Class of 06 Post up your trial results and ranks

    Nearly all back. Hope people who 'reserved' their spots are enjoying themselves 8-) English Adv: 73/85 so far, or 86%. Will definitely drop from rank 1 to ~5. AOS Reading: 11/15 Creative: 15/15 Essay: 13/15 Modules BNW/BR Essay: 18/20 Gwen Harwood Essay: ??/20, est: 16/20...
  12. ScottyG

    What mark did u get for CSSA maths trial

    Lol figures that I'd get 69/120 then :p
  13. ScottyG

    CSSA Trial Results

    Riviet I thought you'd be 90+ for sure! Multiple Choice: 19/20. Mucked that stupid 'purchasing power parity' bullshit thingo. Short Answer: 37/40. Lost a mark when I calculated real GDP wrong, and 2 in the labour market section. I think I summed up my hatred for that part of the course...
  14. ScottyG

    Prohibition of Receiving a UAI.

    Nobody in this thread seems to take note of the fact that you [JWiss] just owned them. In any case, I'm on your side, and am sick of the uptight asshats who feel every misadventure remotely around assessment time constitutes an unfair advantage. But don't rub it in his face, mkay; not that...
  15. ScottyG

    Should we be disclosing what is in the trials?

    Discuss the issue at its source, i.e. your school, instead of dealing with the aftermath. In the meantime: disclose disclose disclose!
  16. ScottyG

    Feeling of emptiness

    Friends are wonderful things; organise something with them. Play the sport you gave up a couple of years ago. If you have a significant other, they're probably feeling similarish so do something with them, or if you only have a crush, take the plunge now and ask them out, the stress level...
  17. ScottyG

    CSSA Trial Exam 2006

    I finished the exam leaving out the 7mark Q, a 4 and a 3markQ, in an hour and forty mins. Left me with an hour and twenty to nail the last 14 marks, only managed to really clinch 11 of them though with the 7marker and 4 marker, that 3marker on discussing whether Darwin and Wallace proposed the...
  18. ScottyG

    Attn: All students sittting trials

    Wait wait wait... your maths teacher told you a number of 2U papers had been stolen...and the people who took them face a huge fine...and that if someone is found to have a copy of it, it is likely you'll need to do them again. Wonderful - really - but completely irrelevant. We're talking about...