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  1. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    R. Kelly acquitted on all counts in child sex case

    :care: it's pretty obvious that he is a perverted horny pig from his song lyrics
  2. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Music where you think the artist understands you.

    I feel like most of the songs I listen to were written especially for me. yeah k, vain I know. e.g Evanescence - my immortal Britney Spears - lucky kate Dearaugo - faded Avril - the best damn thing Linkin Park - numb Youth Group - forever young
  3. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs


    I was so hyped up about Dean Geyer starring on neighbours, but was disappointed when I realised that he can't act that well. they're only using him for his looks and popularity. in one episode, dean geyer was mowing the lawn the whole time, with his shirt off. I mean, lol? in other news...
  4. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Is Tupac the best musician to ever live?

    Michael Jacksonlol the king of pop.
  5. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Is Tupac the best musician to ever live?

    . haha I know right, it's shocking!! how dare they listen to music of their own choosing. RE: Tupac his music isn't really that great or different and no he is not a legend, he probably wouldn't have been so overrated if he was still alive. anyways, Eminem is a much better rapper than...
  6. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Music In Languages You Don't Understand But Love

    omg same! I especially like music from Belarus and Bulgaria, even though I don't understand it. this year's Eurovision is going to be held in Serbia. can't wait :D
  7. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    School Attack 'retribution'

    you're wrong, it happened at Merrylands high school. EDIT: here's the link http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/06/18/1087245086222.html
  8. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    School Attack 'retribution'

    it happened agesss ago (like maybe 4 years ago), but I remember hearing about it on the news. some ethnic girl brought a gun to school and attempted to commit suicide in one of the classrooms, but she got caught and they closed the school for the day and the parents were freaking out lol. I...
  9. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

    lol this is true. Kyle comments more on their appearance than their actual PERFORMANCE, but I think he does make the show more exciting. anyways, I was so fucking cut when rhiannon left the show. she was one of the best dancers!! I hope the filo chick (Demi) leaves because she's plain ugly.
  10. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    School Attack 'retribution'

    it was already tarnished ages ago when some curry girl brought a gun to school and tried to commit suicide. lucky these guys didn't have guns, or else those 18 students would've been shot instead of just injured. fucking maniacs. if I was a mother I would make my kids change schools :s
  11. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Father and daugher have illegal child [INCEST WARNING]

    no she needs to die to punish their parents!!! j/k but seriously, she's going to turn out fucking deformed anyway, if not psychically, then definitely in the head.
  12. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Father and daugher have illegal child [INCEST WARNING]

    why why whyyyy there are billions of other men to have sex with, why did she have to choose her own (69 yr old) father. jesus christ some people are fucking retarded. I hope they get jailed for life, and their child commits suicide whenever she is old enough to know about her parents. lol...
  13. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

    I know that a lot of people hate Kyle S, but I like him and appreciate his contribution to Australian Idol. he just made it so much more interesting, with all his arguments and controversy and being SO GOD DAMN HONEST.
  14. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

    haha like Marcia Hines from Australian Idol. she's always too nice and basically says the same thing to every contestant. "it was nice, well done" "that really moved me" "it's nice to see you move out of your comfort zone"
  15. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Songs that turn you on

    J. Holiday - bed it's a hot hot hot song :o
  16. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    trailers for upcoming movies that look awesome.

    omg I wan't to watch 'Prom night' as soon as possible! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmVoBsPFX-0&feature=related EDIT: I'm not really a fan of horror movies, so I hope it's not too scary :o
  17. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Fucking Centrelink Wankers

    job ads for DoCS piss me off too. haha I know right. their life expectancy is still around 20 years lower than other Australians.
  18. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    good songs

    it's called limewire, honey. USE IT :P the last CD I bought was 'Avril Lavigne - the best damn thing', and that was like last year I think.
  19. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    Scenario: What would you do?

    they are most likely to be undercover sluts.
  20. UnIqUe_PrInCeSs

    So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

    whatever happens, I hope Graeme and Rhiannon don't leave the show, because Graeme is hot hot hot and Rhiannon is an excellent dancer. I don't like how LOW Rhiannon wears her jeans/pants, it just looks too trashy and boganish.