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    Orientation stuff?

    Uni does officially start next week so you do need all your stuff. You basically do go head in immediately so you will be learning so best to bring something. First week of Uni is always O-week. Pretty much a welcome to new Uni students and a welcome back to all others (not to mention free...
  2. K

    Tutorial Registration

    Lol, you gotta love the UWS system. 5 minutes prior to times opening, you have hundreds of people refreshing every second. Wish they'd invest in a better server. Those without fast net suffer the most, lucky I got all my times within the first 10 seconds.
  3. K


    Think twice about textbooks. Most of the time, Lecture Notes suffice.
  4. K

    Registration times for business and commerce

    It's UWS. The tutorial system isn't that great. Don't think it's that bad, it is similar to mine last year. It's a long time but worth it considering you get days off, proper breaks and most classes are very bludgey.
  5. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    No. You can change your Key Program but I'm not sure what happens if you continuously change it. If you're REALLY unsure about whether the Key Program is the right choice for you, put it off till next year. You can at least do all your 7 core units + one elective unit (which you can...
  6. K

    Basic Maths Skills Test

    From what I know, you should be able to do it again next semester when the slate is clean. Rule Waivers are generally in special circumstances, but it's worth a shot if you're desperate.
  7. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    You can enter them yourself easily. That way you can select which of the compulsory units you want to do first. If you tick End then click "Confirm" it should generally remove the unit. But I've had problems with it before so there might be the occasional problem. It's best to check up with...
  8. K

    I have a question about Tutorial

    Prefered to have it after, but if it fits your timetable well, then there's no problem.
  9. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    Of course. I think that's the only way of doing it. Just make sure you only have one "Key Program" registered in yellow and says "Enrolled".
  10. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    As noted above you can change it. Yellow just means what you're currently enrolled in. If you're doing core units first then you decide to change, then you'll have no problem. If you're doing non-core units like Sports Management or Torts then you decide to change then that means those...
  11. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    The Status should tell the story. If it says "Ended" then you're no longer registered in it. If it says "Enrolled" then you're registered in it. Enrolled should also be highlighted in yellow I think.
  12. K

    Basic Maths Skills Test

    All Universities are like this. UWS just makes this shit so much harder. It doesn't really matter if you fail, you do some easier Maths unit which still gives you the 10 credit points which Statistics or Methods would provide. And I imagine there is a significant difference in difficulty...
  13. K

    Business and Commerce unit set help

    Course You'll need to refer to that for subject numbers / courses. Firstly, it's not mandatory to choose a Key Program straight away, if you're still unsure, you can put it off till the Spring (2nd) Semester. As noted: The seven compulsory common core units are: 200336 Business Academic...
  14. K

    Commonwealth Education costs scholarship

    Got mine too :D Also received a response saying that payments should be received this week at latest.
  15. K

    Commonwealth Education costs scholarship

    I was accepted too, still nothing. I sent an email to Wendy but it seems she'll be away from the office till the 12th. Also sent one to Trevor (Head of Student Equity) to clarify and still awaiting a reply. All the public holidays don't help since it's coming through the "mail". Maybe Monday.
  16. K

    Relationships & HSC

    I find all this HSC relationship crap bullshit. A good relationship gets past anything. HSC is nothing compared to what life has ahead. Yes - stick with me 08ers - life is a journey and the HSC is just a bump in the road. Clicheee.
  17. K

    weird and disgusting japanese fetishes

    Then again, they'd do anything as long as they get paid.
  18. K

    Celebrity Crushes

    Yvonne Strahovski & Sarah Lancaster. Two of the hottest girls on a single show outside of porn!
  19. K

    weird and disgusting japanese fetishes

    This kind of shit makes this site so bloody awesome. Although it's horribly disgusting and inhumane.
  20. K

    No Clubs? No Sport? No Nothing? WTH!!

    Wth? Anti-social human who is most likely overweight. I've learnt my lesson from buying from the cafe. I bought like a small tiny chicken wrap and a drink, was over $10. Fail. I'd rather go to McDonalds for $5 and push myself to an early death of diabetes and organ problems. So ridiculous. And...