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  1. vorahk

    Orientation tomorrow...whos goin?

    lol sergo :P nope, im going on the 18th arvo. hmm anyone know how long it ll take?
  2. vorahk

    Bad Uni Timetables!

    despite the no recess n lunch on fri (class from 9-4), my autum timetable is pretty good :) my spring timetable however.... yep, you re not alone, 5 hr break on thurs and a silly 1 hr lecture on friday zzz well I guess thats how it is for a lot of other people too, oh well. What I dont get is...
  3. vorahk

    The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread (Table of Contents on First Post)

    Re: The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread + Searchable PDF ooOo This is such an informative thread, thank you all seniors/upperclassmen/women who have contributed their time and effort to review, giving us freshmen (like myself) a taste of what we’re to (sort of) expect. Replaced ay...
  4. vorahk

    Enrollment Thursday 7th 08

    :) cool, thanks for the info! What course are you doing Oblina?
  5. vorahk

    Enrollment Thursday 7th 08

    oh okay, I think I'm in the same boat as you, since all Science first year subjects are common. Did you get the chance to make your timetable as well?
  6. vorahk

    Enrollment Thursday 7th 08

    ahh, thanks katarvey and Oblina for the heads up :).
  7. vorahk

    Enrollment Thursday 7th 08

    cool! haha thats what I want to know too :(
  8. vorahk

    Enrollment Thursday 7th 08

    Im going tomoro morning, anyone else?
  9. vorahk

    BoS UTS Rollcall! Wooot!

    B Science (Biotechnology/Med/Biomed), first year add me too :)
  10. vorahk

    2008 UTS Offers!

    got offered B Biotechnology :)
  11. vorahk

    The Anime Thread

    bleach is good, at least the fillers were a better than the naruto ones. death note was King ^^ Air was sweet, cute and sad :P
  12. vorahk

    What do you guys think of Mitsubishi FTO's?

    well auto has steptronic for this car.. right? i recommend lowering it but not the 22 inch, thats too big imo. 19 would be enough. have you checked Drive.com or caresales.com and compared prices? some may already have a good set of audio systeme and speaker included with lcd etc.
  13. vorahk

    ford xr4: chix car?

    well said :) exactly how i feel. and yep, looks like a chicks car. dont like ford anyway.
  14. vorahk

    How was your school day?

    aww poor thing, i guess technology has its evil side. one day the robots we build will turn against us ^^. after a term and a bit, we FINALLY get the sign in system back. sign out is pretty much useless, who is going to check if you actually stayed at school and catch the bus/drive home...
  15. vorahk

    Test notification to short?

    we only got our "revised" timetable this week and the exams are next week. then they cancelled one of the English speech days AFTER the "revised" timeable was issued. man my school is so orgnaised.
  16. vorahk

    is this year depressing you?

    i really dont like it when you ask someone what mark they got and they say it was really crap, but it was better than yours. they're like implying your mark is really realllly reallly crap then. only some are like that though, luckily.
  17. vorahk

    How was your school day?

    lol what the fudge? damn those pyro freaks :P. ours is under the hall and no one uses it. have no idea why its there in the first place. i bet you the juniors don't even know about it. :( been hassled all day to play for Open's Rugby League team :(
  18. vorahk

    Class of 2007: Roll Call

    have no idea, my teacher/ school doesnt tell us anything until because "it is not relevant at this time...."
  19. vorahk

    How was your school day?

    welll... did you do something about it rather then whinge about it to people either than him? tell him to stop, give him a piece of your mind. as for me...did legal speech assessment today and got bio assessment back (31/32) :D. currently relearning the whole M & G topic for physics...
  20. vorahk

    what school are you at?

    ermm about the gum... you get whipped or fined a lot if you're caught. something like that.