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  1. wonga2046

    Tutoring Business Std. - 96 (9th in HSC) | Eco 95 |2006 UAI - 98.55 | Inner West

    Providing tutoring services for the two topicsin the inner west or city area. Completed HSC in 2006 and scored 96 for Business Studies (9th in State) and 95 in Economics with a UAI of 98.55. I've tutored a handful of other students as well. You can choose what you want to do in the lesson eg...
  2. wonga2046

    Plan to 'name and shame' domestic violence perpetrators

    my 2cents - "violence against women... australia says no!" and wuddie ... how are women suppose to grow balls?! what world do u live in??!! such a diabolical act must be stopped! someone tell Iemma to make laws stopping women from growing balls!!
  3. wonga2046

    What was your parents & family reaction to your UAI?

    im over the moon with my results (98.55) seeing as i did half the study my sister did, and coped a lot of pressure from my mum. my mum was disappointed that i missed out on the premiers award by a margin because of english, and missed the bigger picture. had to tell her to shut up =/ didnt feel...
  4. wonga2046

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    SAM - 97.95 UAI - 98.55 YAY i can be a be a vet =D=D ... hopefully
  5. wonga2046

    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    waited all night .. and it was worth the wait - business studies 96 economics 95 2u maths 94 chemistry 90 3u maths 43/50 adv english 84 nearly got premiers award .. i had a feeling english would be my downfall
  6. wonga2046

    Did all u guys refer to a case study for question 27/28?

    reading those HSC business books publishing band5/6 answers, it is clear that regardless of 1 or 2 or 100000 case studies, any response with atleast a case study has the same merits of achieving a band 5/6 =]
  7. wonga2046

    Matt King VS Paul Simpkins

    no such thing as justice in the nrl =D
  8. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    he didnt say shit, he even told me to just leave it after the rooster argument was settled. but u had to be all e-thug and start acting high and mighty calling people shit while calling this ur country. like i said, reconsider wat u tell others cuz u aint exactly living up to ur own standards...
  9. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    haha much <3 to u 2 robbywilliams05 and yeh this has gotten stupid .. so fuck it loz congrats on u for putting up with wuddie, in real life its about 10x worse and brogan .. i seriously duno wat to say .. but think about wat u say or type or watever .. u dig a grave for urself .. being 20...
  10. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    real smart of u to call us kids? u graduated in 2004 so ur around 20 .. a 20 year old going on forums calling people sad cunts and retards? go u good thing ... and like fuck anyone is willing to hire u .. the only reason u'd get 1040 is cuz u clean shit for a living and no one else wants to do...
  11. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    "destroying this fine country of ours" so now u gotta resort to racism .. ur country? get fucked. and wat grounds do u have for calling me a retard .. im not a man of many words so i dont have any idea of wat stupid insult to call u. and like ur showing any sign of restraint?
  12. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    and by the way .. dont sarcastically say wuddie is being mature, take a look in the mirror. is wat ur doing considered as mature? i dont think ur any more intelligent than anyone else here
  13. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    then wat would u say about the others who are defending their teams and attempting to prove their point, is that counted as crying as well? if so then u might as well call everyone here a sad cunt .. just because he fails to make a good argument doesnt mean he is anything near being a sad...
  14. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    hallelujah! im glad u could be the bigger man (girl in this case) and turn ur cheek .. or watever the cliche is... and no brogan wuddie aint a sad cunt, there aint anything wrong with saying wat u gotta say. who r u to label people who have a mind of their own, whether their views are...
  15. wonga2046

    How come the roosters are allowed to cheat?

    They were fined earlier this year according to some post on the 1st page, then that must mean they cheated the salary cap. Regardless whether it was a minor or major breach, it is cheating. but who cares, season is over and 2007 will bring new dramas. why brood on the things that have occurred...
  16. wonga2046

    NRL: Swearing on the field

    haha brogan real hardcore man. KEYBOARD WARRIOR! terrorising the forums .. go fuck off into the corner before i e-smack u with this shitty keyboard, damn e-thug. i think 2 weeks was uncalled for and the situation was blown out of proportion, there are many similar cirsumstances where other...