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    Hey quick question, Anyone know what GPA is required to recieve Honours in a degree that does not have an Honours year? Thanks
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    What are you currently Reading?

    Heh as long as it makes you happy what does it matter. I enjoyed it.
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    What are you currently Reading?

    I am currently reading The Blood of Fold. The 3rd book in the Sword of Truth Series.
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    District 9

    I loved it good graphics and very interesting. It was nice to see such a different film recently come out of South Africa. I will admit I did enjoy it when the camera went out of the hand held stage though I understand the emotions that the hand held effect can give.
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    Official countdown for HSC results.

    Its crazy to think that after all this time we will be recieving our marks! ITs so stressful!
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    english journeys assess - reading HELP

    My help would be study your language techniques. Thats what i done. Alot usually ask about how tone or imagery is created which relies on other techniques as well.
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    Creating study notes

    Since you posted it in english I say what i done for english which helped me. I worked with mind maps as it reduces the amount of writing and makes it easier to remember. The first page per module or section i broke down the points of the syllabus and what i needed to do. Then i broke down the...
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    Fellowship of the Ring

    It isnt a syllabus text and i used the return of the king myself as a related text and really recommend any from the triology they are a great text!
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    Fellowship of the Ring

    No it is not on the syllabus and you are allowed to use it. I used the return of the king myself and do advanced and i recommend any of the lord of the rings triology they are great.
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    Module C - Powerplay

    I have done the whole topic in four mind maps, with my quotes i used, techniques and how the applicate as well as the breaking down of the syllabus. It can answer any question if you want that. I like my quotes for antony and cleopatra. Otherwise i have some in my book.
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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    I think I went alright and wrote 30 pages for this paper. I believe the questions were better then what i had seen in past years. I am hoping i may be able to push into a band 5.
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    Module A - In the Wild

    My texts were brave new world and blade runner. I answered mine in terms of how their contexts cause the composers to explore the same concepts in different ways suited to their audience and time. One difference was their creation of a dystopic setting The other was in terms of the...
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    Module C - Powerplay

    I was surprised a bit by how simple the question was for powerplay it seemed as though you could practically write anything as long as you back t up you are correct. I used antony and cleopatra, maichevelli's the prince and a fanstasy novel wizards first rule.
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    Section I - Core

    The water supply question was a surprise to see even though it was in the syllabus. Though it seems like i wrote similar things to everyone else so that is quite positive.
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    I done crime fiction and was pleased that we only had to add an object! For the essay i was at first a bit weirded out by it though i interpretated it eventually. I discussed how detectives are passionate to solve the crime as well as criminals passionate with their motives to undergo a...
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    Pages written

    Module- genre crime fiction creative- 18 pages essay- 16 pages Total- 34 pages I am quite happy with that!
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Half the stdents left before the three hours was left i couldnt believe it. I had to use every moment as well. How much you guys write?
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    Help Me Please Exam In A Couple Of Days

    I do graphics though the ideas behind them are the same so I will roughly write what I think. (a) It will affect the role with- - decision making as it will be joint decisions - responsibilities will be shared - question with whos in charge of what...
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    Yet another UAI prediction- Over 80???

    Thats good news. Thank you for taking your time.
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    Yet another UAI prediction- Over 80???

    English Advanced- Overall assesment rank- 2/75 Exam- 78 % Assesment mark- 82 % General Maths- Overall assesment rank- 2/180 Exam- 78 % Assesment mark- 82 It Graphics- Overall assesment rank- 1/30 Exam- 81% Assesment mark- 92 % Physics- Exam rank- 4/35 Exam- 75 % Assesment mark- 78 % Ancient...