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    lazseeker v actual

    it was off by 4 marks for me
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    2002 UAI's

    mystery mark See you same time same place next year wooohoooooo!
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    2002 HSC Marks

    business studies - 88 advanced english - 83 IPT - 80 General maths - 89 Modern history - 76
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    agreed :) hahaha
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    Yes Or No

    hahah yeh when i was working it out i was thinkg....<fuck i hope the poor clown juggler gets enough money, pretty sad if he doesnt> hahah and i said NO...he eneded up having $14090 or somethin i think..
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    What ppl wrote for creative writing?

    Am i the only one who did a complete b/s fictional story? I wrote to the webstie designer....telling them how i was compelled to write and tell them about my personal experience....that is being cryogenically frozen then entering the world 50 years later with all of this new technology and shite.
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    they were both pretty simple and straight forward... I did the tactics/strategies one and pulled out heaps of shit
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    Who has Modern and IPT on Friday?

    Mate you really are a fucking gay cunt.
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    Predicted HSC questions

    maybe. Remeber i said the course of weimar.... You wouldnt talk about germany under weimar rule would you? like before the nazis were even stepping up in germany.
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    Some tricky multiple choice questions...

    It is DEFINATELY unitary not radical. For the women question it is B. 13 i put B...as the expense ratio went from 33% to 28% which means every dollar of sales 33 cents was taken up in expenses in 2001 and then only 28cents in 2002....soo it has improved...and accoutns rec. also improved... my...
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    Predicted HSC questions

    It was definately not a question on the course of weimar....which is what i said in one of my previous posts. You could have included absolutely nothing on weimar and got band 5/6 it was predominantly about THE NAZI PARTY and their effect on german society... not the weimar governments...
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    Predicted HSC questions

    FUCK OFF THERE WAS! i dont know what paper you were doing but the modern paper i did there was no fucking weimar one...suck shit you faggot.. refer to the modern history thread in completed exams for more bashing hahahaha
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    Cool MH is over! :)

    Yeah now where is that wanker who doubted my gurantee that weimar wouldnt be on it!! HAHAHAHAHA i told you i would be laughing at your sorry ass!!!!!! i found the sources a little tougher than they normally are.....the 3 reasons why that dude enlisted?? i only found 2 and bullshitted the...
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    Predicted HSC questions

    No but her sister works at board of studies fucking wanker
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    Who has Modern and IPT on Friday?

    yes... quite fucked indeed. i am not looking forward to the 6 hours of writing tomorrow.
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    How many pages for ur extended responses????

    i did 7 for 27 and 8 for 29.. and i used one diagram in question 27
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    Who actually used a case study in 28/29?

    i did.... i used 2
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    Conversation - Names

    hahaha yeh i saw that shit on ACA, i even put some of the comments that mike munroe made onto the end of our video. We are currently trying to get a gig going with the comedy channel...so smh if you are reading this...hook us up with some publicity! :) smoakhillvideo.cjb.net ;)
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    Yeah Baby!

    You summed up my thoughts exactly.... I was only left with 20mins for frontline...spent too long on donne and transformations....so i ended up only getting to discuss 2 frontline episodes and 2 related material! ahhh And like you, i also have another 3 exams this week.... business, history...
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    Conversation - Names

    lol @ ting as if there arent already enough shit to report on our skool neway :p haha