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  1. J

    Best of Luck Team BOS 2014

    I think i'm going to need a miracle
  2. J

    Save your ATAR!

    Hi all, i just thought that i would share this video (if it hasn't already been shared on this forum) for those who are worried that their ATAR has been messed up by their internal assessment marks. This would be a good source of motivation to get back on your horses and study hard to achieve...
  3. J

    On the verge of giving up.

    Thank you for your advice xGhanem I've revised the previous topics and have done the questions in the textbook. Hopefully I'll start doing past papers on the weekend. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. J

    On the verge of giving up.

    Thank you so much for the advice you've given me :) it's made me feel much better now. I've started to practice textbook questions as well as revising on the previous topics, I've also started to study ahead of my class. I have made a study timetable for physics at least 1 hour a day. Before...
  5. J

    On the verge of giving up.

    So today I received my Physics results for my second assessment task, which I performed extremely poor (26%) I'm just at the point where I am lost and it feels as though I'm just going to fail all my exams in the future. I am lacking the motivation to study due to the fact that I'm afraid of...