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    Alcohol On Planes

    just got back from schoolies a few days ago and yes i did the deed and put a flask of vodka in my luggage and nothing was accounte for :) so yes, if you are underage, you CAN put it in your baggage :) ..and on a perfectly unrelated circumstance, I WAS TESTED FOR EXPLOSIVES :|
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    schoolis and underage drinking

    haah just got back from schoolies. the fines are as followed; underage drinking on the streets = $235. seriously guys its not worth it. this is where undercover cops walk past and grab you when you're least expecting it. 18+ drinking on the streets = $75.
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    What are your general thoughts?

    ..lets just say i can't be more happy to be currently reading a book on chinese history.. OTHER WISE I WOULD HAVE BEEN SCREWED FOR THAT QUESTION!
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    so are you guys ready?

    haah soo not ready either. and yess ill also be finished!!
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    Alcohol On Planes

    so, if you are under age, can you bring alchol in your luggage or do they search for it ?
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    any1 want notes on '17th doll'??

    yes please! :D j3sus_andd_b0b@hotmail.com thankyouu
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    anyone else SCREWEDDD for HSC EXAM ancient history?

    HAHAAH ohhh i wish i was you.. i have to go over EVERYTHING!
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    Trial Marks

    i have no idea what raw is ? umm in my trials i got 69%, but studied the night before :D
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    predicting ancient history hsc question

    okay so my teacher has taught ancient history for the past 20 years and is always a hsc exam marker. anyway; he told me that. with hatchepsut theres a part a and a part b he said a) is some aspect of her life WHICH IS USALLY; i) was she a good king OR ii) how did she justify her claim to...
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    Society Exam Section Ii

    i did come equal third =]]]]]]]
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    Society Exam Section Ii

    oh haha i do the opposite ones :) which were; belief systems - buddhism & work and leisure. i chose both b for the essays and found it not easy but not so hard either. like.. in reading time i was freeking out and so devistated. although i think that was because i was panicking. and then did...
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    Continuity and Change: Theories

    bos has resources that relate greatly to this. arrgh so angry society isnt on hsc advice line :mad1:
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    last minute I know!!

    im freaking out also. this subject has the most content i think. i've decoded the entirety of the syllabus so perhaps will be okay? and also, if you do work and leisure; have you got all the bos resources for it? they are fucking fantastic i swearrrrrrr. and as for doi moi, what aspect are you...
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    Inner Journey: Unexpected Encounters

    OMGOSH !!!!!!!!!!! im such an IDIOT! OF COURSE it means obstacles.........omgosh im seriously [innerly ahah] bashing myself over this now!! FUCK! okay so i came 1st over all out of like 137 people in standard english and my related material [at the time] was sooo not prepared for a question...
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    how much have you covered?

    society text book is really really reallllllllly bad. bos resource notes are very very good for society, i got 80% in my trials by using them and i studied maybe 2-3 days beforehand :)
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    how much have you covered?

    english paper one - 90%, essay written and notes remembered. although no creative, and i intend to do that in the actual hsc because i'm good at that anyway english paper two - 70%. 3 essays all completed and notes on every essay, although one of them needs a better related. maths - HAHHAAH...
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    Game Over

    precisley!, hence my childish [yes i'll admit to that] desktop :)
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    Game Over

    hahaha ohhh but I AM childish
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    Game Over

    heres something completley and utterly NOT BORING. its abstract and its GREAT for motivation and guilting me off the internet :D I INTRODUCE TO YOU.... MY DESKTOP!