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    ACtuarial basketball competition

    i guess you'd have to be doing actuarial studies and interested in basketball to have heard of it.
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    ACtuarial basketball competition

    Hey , i was just wondering if there will be an actuarial basketball comp held this year like last yr and the year before?
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    Help needed calling out to all FINS 1612 students at unsw

    thanks for the concern but fins 1612 does not have a web ct component unfortuneately.
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    Nba Playoffs 2003!

    wow Wow this is amazing, after all theses years of searching i have finally found NBA fans, but the irony is that I ve lost a Big interest in the NBA, DAMN, AND BTW, MINAI, penny bombed due to not being able to recover fully due to his injury and the increased competitive ness of new and...
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    Help needed calling out to all FINS 1612 students at unsw

    Please to all the students out there doing FINS 1612, i am in need of a group for the upcoming assignment, if you need another person or know of anyone who does I would greatly appreciate your help, thanks .
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    Practical Exams...?

    what topic is it for, space, motor sor what?
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    Academic extension in non-selective schools

    yes very true indeed i know a number of people from local public non selective comprehensive high schools that probably didn't have the choice to go to a better school, ie jennifer li from cabramatta got 99.9 and barry and another guy from canley vale got 99.4 and 99.6 respectively and linda...
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    Which sketch show is better: Comedy Inc or skithouse?

    i agree skithouse is definitely shithouse, you would have thought rove and his crew could have come up with something better.
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    minai's school is not shit..

    c'mon 37 in the state is not that shit, my school came like 3rd last or thereabouts in 2000 when highest uai was 75 and noone got in the merit list and i'm quite sure that its been around that level for its entire history except last year when the great samuel.k broke the 90 barrier with 91.65...
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    hsc exams marrk, where they the same to what you hoped 4

    that's pretty cool then, and btw i think i saw you at enrolment day, cos i saw ur pic on this site but i didn't approach you because you looked like you wanted to be left alone or something like that:confused:
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    ARRRRGH!.....n e one have past or new exam questions on changing self.....i'm .......

    have u tried the bored of studies site at all, there's heaps of questions.
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    hsc exams marrk, where they the same to what you hoped 4

    minai, how would you see yourself at your selective school, average or good or what? is your school like baulkham hills where like every year about 30 ppl or so get 99+ and about another 70 get 97+?
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    hsc exams marrk, where they the same to what you hoped 4

    I was wondering what happened to me in english, I was only averaging like 75-80 and ended up getting 89 for assessment and 87 hsc mark overall. but for physics i was averaging 97-100 and ended up with 95 for asessment and 95 overall, same with chem was getting 90+ but ended up with 88.
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    So what did the dux of your school get?

    almighty jafar, are you from st john's park high school ?
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    BE (Software Engineering)

    you guys reckon nsw is better for engineering or uts? I was considering doing software at nsw but opted for actuarials instead because iam quite computer illiterate.
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    So what did the dux of your school get?

    Was the dux Barry? and btw how did donna and kevin go?
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    only dot points or more??

    wow you're really lucky our school couldn't provide us with such resources so i had to make my own, its not too bad, i also haveanswers and for some questions alternative answers including my own and from other places like succes one etc, its not too shabby for 2.5 weeks work
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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    i went to james busby and let me give you some advice go for the big time and don't let anyone influence you in a negative way and btw what school r u at?
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    does neone do/want to do vet sci?

    well good luck then, and i'm sure if you really want it you get it and you reckon you did heaps crap a uai of 92, i know alot of people who would kill for that.
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    does neone do/want to do vet sci?

    what do u mean u have no chance how much is the uai cut off anyway?