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    General thoughts

    Gawd damnit, Action potential was the word I was looking for... Kept on using potential difference. Too close to physics >.<
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    General thoughts

    I said that there must be a flow of Na+ an K+ ions along the nerve...
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    General thoughts

    This is what I did too, 88-95 degrees. It did say highest rate of change, and that was where it changed the most so... I think we did it right.
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    General thoughts

    By pest control I talked about using insecticide on mosquitoes to stop them from being a vector for things like malaria.
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    Raw mark estimates

    What did you write for that one? I rambled on about how if it came from peripherals it would hit the rods which depending on the intensity could temporarily disable them, and then about how if it was concentrated on the fovea the red cones would detect it... Completely bullshitted that question.
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    General thoughts

    Quarantine and pest control
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    Does anyone else feel they've stuffed up HSC?

    A bit. I'm doing Chem, Bio, Physics, Mathematics, and Advanced English. I gave up at least 40 marks in mathematics, and I got about 12/20 for the chem multichoice yesterday...
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    What is it like to be at the top?

    I'm "at the top" for my school, but I go to a small school with classes ranging between 4-15 people, so it's not that much of an achievement. However, being top means having a reputation for getting everything right and knowing everything, which I know I don't deserve as I am only very human and...