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  1. J

    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    @ anitasanchez good for you, you actually fully understood the text as for the rest of us not-so-talented people: i think the question sucked. bad. i focused down on patrick, using the psychoanalytical reading, but my marxist reading couldn't really pull through on me and 2 episodes: forget...
  2. J

    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    paper 2 was slightly better than paper 1- paper 1 had confusing texts but the essay was ok paper 2 had a few confusing questions - frontline was prob the worst for me; my other texts were transformations - Chaucer PT / Raimi SP and Ondaatje In the skin.
  3. J

    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    yay so there are other people doing Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale and Raimi's Simple Plan i actually liked the question, probably because i knew exactly what i was doing (rare for me in an english exam cos i usually just wing it) i just adapted and cut out parts of my prepared essay to fit the...
  4. J

    Module C: Representation and Text

    ah frontline i thought the qn was ok - i just welded my essay and the question together somehow like in debating how you "define the question" i just "defined" the question without changing it too much then basically wrote out my planned essay
  5. J

    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    @ jismgor: wait till u've done the paper b4 commenting on other peoples comments im pretty happy with modules - paper 1 sucked A - transformations - 6 - ok qn i had stuff to write but had to cut out stuff from my pre-done essay B - critical study - 5.5 - s'ok C - telling the truth frontline...
  6. J

    Messy Handrwiting

    from what i heard, if they dont understand a word or two, they just skip it and keep going but i guess if they dont understand whole sections then yea they'd have to pass it on
  7. J

    Do you do B Digital Media?

    yea one guy goes through the whole course on page 2 in that thread its pretty useful
  8. J

    B Com Sci / B Digital Media

    YES! yea i have it as my first preference @ Kd14: you're hsc's in 2010? you dont have to worry at all then. i reckon they'll be heaps of new courses by then o and the UAI cut-off for BDM (bachelor of digital media) and BDM / BSc (comp sci) are the same at 85.75 last time i checked. and yea i...
  9. J

    Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts

    @ malcomm: well thanks for that advice i've heard that from one other person who went there that it is a rip-off i went to the JMC open day and well, its expensive and too specialised so im going for uni O and for those who want work experience (the yr 10 style one) i recommend going to Yoram...
  10. J

    Very basic projectile motion help

    i think that to use the proj. motion equations (and not the quad. formula), youd have to get v (final velocity), which is not possible to get without calculating the time of flight 't' or going on some crazily unnecessarily complicated route
  11. J

    how is sdd ?

    geez example of an algorithm basically there's 2 types of algorithm - flowcharts and pseudocode http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flowchart and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudocode those pages should explain what they are in the hsc (i havent done it yet) but in previous ones ive seen/tried...
  12. J

    Major Works Results

    when i did mine, we just made ours up as we went - I don't suppose anyone i interviewed would have wanted some hopeless RPG made in VB it sounds like you guys had to go all out for it
  13. J

    JMC Academy 2006

    umm the websites rong btw. i went to the JMC open day, but i think its not for me because its too expensive (private college, duh) and its too specialised so ive decided to go to uni and only go to some private college if i really want to specialise
  14. J

    What do you want to do when you graduate?

    hehe 3d Animation / Graphics and games programming love to get into blizzard or pixar i heard they actually go around on scooters at pixar. anyone know for sure?
  15. J

    multimedia & web design

    i want to do digital media as well and the UAIs not terribly high - 85.75 if i remember correctly but the thing is theres not only IT and Comp. Sci. courses that do web design - i think theres also pure design courses doing it so you might wanna find out before the offers are made
  16. J

    Comp Sci / Comp Sci(Games Tech.) @ CSU??

    theres a games tech course??? mad...
  17. J

    Usyd V Unsw

    hey i was just wandering if there is any place to do a comp sci. / digital media course except UNSW (and random private colleges) I've heard of subjects within the comp. sci. degree at USyd that does digital media stuff but there's no other actual degree thats separate that i've found thats like...
  18. J

    Difference between computer Science/Science IT?

    so i guess it just depends on what you want then. i mean you guys are only expressing opinions. i don't know yet because im not in uni yet, but as long as i get my course i'll be pretty happy.
  19. J

    Just Checked University Guide-2006 & guess what?

    yea i agree i think that after we newer people graduate there should be a pickup - although it might be because of new fields opening up cos you never know when someone will discover something big so i guess i'll just have to go to uni and see how the prospects are at the end
  20. J

    g forces

    that makes sense but do they face the earth on re-entry or do they face "upwards" ie towards space?