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    lab mark breakdown usyd science?

    That's not quite what I meant. I'm looking for raw marks, not percentages data. But thanks anyway
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    lab mark breakdown usyd science?

    nope i've checked everywhere :( i wish demonstrators would show us...
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    lab mark breakdown usyd science?

    anyone know how the lab marks are broken down? i know it's 2 for attitude and 1 for attendance?
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    Advanced Science first year

    thanks sida1049!!
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    Advanced Science first year

    Hey, is there anyone from 2nd year and beyond who wants to share their thoughts and advice for this course? Lectures, notes, is everything from week 1 tested in the final exam...? Also what are the best textbooks for BIOL Life and Evolution, Chem, maths linear algebra/differential calculus...
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    chemistry calculations (and equations)?

    This is what i'd been hoping to find online. i barely know any formulas and my chem teacher teaches theory really well but sucks at calculations -like i had no idea ppm could be calculated with the formula Silly Sausage wrote above. I understand there's a level of critical thinking involved but...
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    chemistry calculations (and equations)?

    yeah this is what i fear. hsc calculations are the next level. thanks
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    chemistry calculations (and equations)?

    Hey, Does anyone have a formula sheet with all the chem calculations we need? I really struggle with calculations with things like hsc titration questions, galvanic calculations, some pH q's (when 2 species gets mixed together), ESPECIALLY ppm calculation... Also would really appreciate...
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    How to improve in maths!? TIPS?

    OP doing extension suggests that you're willing to put in the time and effort to succeed in maths. This and natural aptitude is going to contribute towards your marks. By continually practicing questions and writing notes, you'll see tremendous improvement over the course of 2 years. But...
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    Your subject regrets

    Regret: legal studies Should've done: physics
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    To all Med Hopefuls

    that makes sense. thanks for clearing it up
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    at what age do you typically graduate med school

    just a few questions: 1. how old would a typical person be when they graduate med school? (GP and specialist) 2. how many years would they have studied the course(s)? 3. i heard that a lot of people fail on the first go. is this true?
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    To all Med Hopefuls

    i dont know if it has been said but the rural bonded scholarship has be discontinued by the government. it's was a great read and as an aspiring med student who really wants to get in, the bonded scholarship scheme seems like a good option. i heard in unsw anyway that if your combined score is...
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    how much of complex numbers is in 4u hsc

    i find complex numbers rather head spinning as it's very different to the real numbers system used in 2u and 3u (obvs lol me) so i'm hoping there's not THAT many questions in the hsc (this may be wishful thinking). also is it really the easiest topic in 4u? tbh it seems like other topics like...
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    Is Business studies worth doing?

    imo sciences are A LOT less time consuming than those humanitarian subjects with bad scaling. i wish i did physics :( but if ur determined to do a commerce course... doing business studies will help u decide whether you're going to like that field of study
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    Difference between Mathematics and Ext 1 Maths? Help!

    ext 1 maths is challenging no doubt... if you are having trouble seeing the easy questions in 5.3 content then you might struggle a bit in 3u. Having said that, definitely give it a try - although keep in mind that if you are not doing well next year there's really not much no point in doing...
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    Medicine degrees and 3U maths?

    MD (Doctor of Medicine)- is a masters degree -- which is why people chose to do this as a combine med course although it id highly competitive to get into MBBS - bachelors degree BMed - bachelors degree These are only a starting pathway into becoming a trained surgeon/specialist/GP however...
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    What did you get in acer's practice test 1?

    just wondering how you guys prepare for umat and what materials you used
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    What level of English should I do? ESL, Standard, Advanced, Extension?

    nah my teacher is head teacher and i asked him but he didn't let me and now he hates me. oh well. i'm hoping once people drop advanced at the end of prelims, the classes will shuffle and one class will collapse