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    What's the Worst thing about living in Wagga Wagga?

    id have 2 say at the moment, its the heat..... its terrible. and also the fact that theres nothing for people who arnt yet 18. theyve got heaps of great stuff 4 ppl 18 years and over, but not anyone else..... that sucks. the other bad thing is that theres spiders everywhere. other than...
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    quickest way to get over a breakup?

    breakups are evil..... anyways, i found chocolate cures anything, especially ur fave type. end up thinking bout the great taste reather than the new ex bf. sticking his picture 2 a dart board or just stabbing it with a red pen is good if u really end up hating him 4 hurting u. good fun 2...
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    What Is The Best Line/Verse in a Song

    blazin squad - No Angels - ' hatred's a draught blown away, that should never live'. for a boy band, theyr songs aint that typical, quite meaningful. and..... all the lyrics in the song 'Poison' by Groove Coverage.
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    Facial hair or not

    any light scent on a guy is better than BO.
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    Your Favourite Clothing Label

    i dont go for big brand names i like the cheaper stuff like Free People (similar to stuff frm tree of life).
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    sims 2

    thanx 4 that link. one of the sims that was already in strange town, a male streoypical nerd had an alien baby. it was weird. other than that, not much strange things have happened.
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    sims 2

    does enyone have alien sims? my sister has been expreimenting on one of the neighbourhoods and its crawling with aliens? anyone also have any good cheats 4 it?
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    What primary school did you go to?

    i went 2 st. aidans primary school at rooty hill frm kindy - yr4. wasnt a very big school and not that good. frm yr 5 - yr 6 i went 2 st. andrews primary at marayong (west) and it was ok, the only primary school that has left any good memories.
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    now days girlz cheat on guys more than guys cheat on girls

    cheaters i always thought that guys AND girls both cheat heaps during thier younger years and it generally weras off later on in life. theyr basically equal in that sence. then the idea of cheating is based on other factors like role models one looks up 2. the media really hasnt descriminated...
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    tafe apps hey i had the same problem. except my story was i wanted 2 find out wat was happening about nida 1st. i didnt get in2 nida cause of my age, 2 young. they recommended that i do a design course at tafe 1st, but the problem with that was that i hadnt applied 4 tafe n the application...
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    late application 2 tafe hey people. if u put in a late application 2 tafe, when do u find out? a week after or a few days b4 the course starts? cause i applied late to a course at a tafe and they apparently accepted it. i must of been really lucky that day or that particular tafe wasnt...
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    Schools rating

    schools i went 2 olmc parramatta. was ok though hated it at first. probably cause i didnt like the uniform and any part of it. after a year there though, it got better. the 8 am classes in yr 11 and 12 seem evil, but theyr not really, cause theyr actually 5 mins shorter than the other lessons...
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    Shaun of the Dead

    funny stuff that was the funniest movie i have seen all year. one of the only ones as well. have 2 say though, i liked it. i generally think zombies are funny, thats probably why. the movie poster 4 it was hilarious, the reason why i saw it. havent seen dawn of the dead, so i wouldnt know if...
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    Longest Relationships

    haha hahaha..... anyways my longest and shortest relationship was 4.5 months. it was hetero. can u believe it ended just 2 days b4 valentines this year, meaning i could go 2 a party instead of planning some romantic thing with the bf.
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    whats your r/ship with exs??

    ex boyfriend i havent seen my ex boyfriend for over months i think and ironically im taking him 2 my yr 12 formal. as far as i know we are still on good terms. i would hate to not talk 2 my ex after a relationship, especially as we know eachother so well (in some cases 2 well). i rekon...
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    Information Technology

    damn exam so annoyed that the IT exam is the last day. but on the positive side, at least its in the morning not afternoon. and there still is time 2 study heaps 4 it. i do still think it would have been better 4 the board of studies 2 swap that day of exams with the school certificate on...
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    Biggest Distraction During The Examz!!

    haha the most distracting exam i ever had was my IT trial exam. there were only 6 ppl in that class, so the exam was in a classroom on the top level of a school building. we had this new teacher supervising, and suprise suprise, eh was aged with a short grey beard. well about 10 minutes into...
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    Question 17- Teachers and Interpreters

    essay i wrote about hasidism (besht) and feminism (elisabeth shussler fiorenza). i only wrote about 4 pages on them cause thats the only ones i knew thanx 2 last minute cramming. so easy 2 go on about feminism, and it is easy 2 criticise and contrast with hasidism.
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    Unusally Hard?

    what the? that religion exam was nasty. was happy about the extended responce 4 teachers and interpreters, cause i knew one better than the other and it did give us a choice. the multiple choise was similar to my trials, same difficulty anyways. short answers was evil. in my opinion i...
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    how much was ur formal dress?

    my dress my dress i thought was cheap 2 make. i made it my self n its my dnt major work, it only cost about $150 in matrials all together. that includes the shawl as well. cant wait 2 wear it if it still fits! haha