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    Multiple Choice Answers

    DAMNN ! i got question 10 wrong >< did anyone get a B for 10 lol
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    Studies Of Religion 2 Unit

    aw thanks soo much !!! muchly appreciated :)
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    General thoughts?

    Thank Youu Soo Muchhh =]
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    Studies Of Religion 2 Unit

    woo i noe how to open a new thread LOL sorry for that extension english ppl !! lmao mybad umm does anyone have notes for religion and belief systems in Australia post 1945 && religion and peace && religion and non religion? none of the resource stuff help because there the old...
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    General thoughts?

    LOL im soo lame but IDONT NOE HOW TO OPEN A NEW THREADD LOLL so i just wrote in here lmao sorry !! but does anyone does 2 unit studies of religion ?? i need some notes on religion and belief systems in Australia post 1945
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    What you think of Girls in Girls schools???

    LOLLLL U GUYS ARE FUNNYYY haha:) yeaa i go to an coet school, i reckon its better, but i agree with the dude uuhmm hu sed its about the individual who really doesnt care wat environtment theyre in :S did that make sense '? lol
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    section II Biotechnology

    OMGG BIOTECH !! that acquaculture question stuffed me up :mad1: and arghh ! i wish i studied more for biotechh :bomb: lol how did you guys find it