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    Managing People & Buiness

    that subject was such a waste of time.... don't want to go near that again.
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    Don't know what to do

    oh God tell me about it. i am so angry coz in every exam for every one of my subjects i had at least 2 idiots that practically didnt care and didnt attempt the paper. i wanted punch some sense into them. anyways on topic, just try for chem, at least for your school mates sake.
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    How many related texts for crime fiction?

    Are we allowed to use Sherlock Holmes as a Character and how he fits into the conventions without analysing one of his books? thanks
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    yeah but that was such a stupid question it could be both. i picked B tho.
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    in my text book it says that Lewin did both. so which is right?
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    formal suit dillema

    yea that was my inital reaction, i think it would be a little OTT, but if your taking a partner ask her to see if it matches, and if your going to do that whole matching colours and stuff i think you should see her dress first.
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    i heard about it from a friend who goes to the same school.
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    hey guys i don't know if you have heard about the unfortunate sucide of a year twelve girl before the english exam today. my condolances are extended to her family and friends. i think we should all remember that there are more important things in life other than the HSC and that is LIFE its...
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    Essay Structure

    i do both, i feel its flows better and covers more of teh question. i hope that helped:)
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    order of texts in essay, any ideas? thank you

    Gosh ur a fuckwit, its called a goal for a reason, may be you should establish some of your own i.e. stop being a braindead prick:burn:
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    Essay Structure

    yea this is how i tend to structure my essays as well
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    A grammar question

    yea thats what i do, it saves alot of confusion.
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    Using a picture book?

    :uhoh: i'm also using a picture book so i hope we don't get marked down
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    Where can i get cheap n nice clothes?

    oh gosh you're right i went onto ebay and there are tons of those dresses on there, its actually stupid that all these girls are still bidding i would hate to pass a person wearing the same thing as me let alone 20 others.
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    Where can i get cheap n nice clothes?

    i really like that blue dress by AM its simple yet appealing.
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    Case Study (wanted)

    try the resource section, there's a lot to choose from.
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    Who hasn't started studying yet/hasn't done much ???

    lol so did I...its easy to forget trivial stuff when you have other life changing matters to deal with:p
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    10 reasons why someone should study at UTS

    oh i hope i can get into UTS, i would love to go there
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    Converse Menia

    i think i remember seeing a shop in the QVB selling them for around $60