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    How Hard Was Tht?

    Lol, i laughed when i first opened it, knew i was fucked.
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: How did you guys go? QFT. My question 6 consisted of like 1 drawing,and like 2 lines, holy fuck that was such a ridiculous paper.
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    How Hard Was Tht?

    That was the first question i asked when i opened the fucking paper, holy shit.? Doing that exam was like getting fucking sodomized by 3 men at once, holy shit WHAT THE FUCK!
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    That exam sucked

    You can't, you were meant to change it to (e^y + 2).
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    SOR1 - Exam /50, still 6 Bands?

    I'm just curious as to ^, since the exams out of 50, is it going to be bands E1-E4 or is that only for extension courses, and if that's not the course, will it be like a normal subject with Bands 1-6? Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone have CSSA 06 + 07 Papers?

    ^ With solutions, checked the resources page, it doesn't have, thanks in advance!
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    what are your raw marks for past papers

    Averaging high 50s/low 60s, <_<, what do you guys think will scrape an E4?
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    HSC and Family Pressure/Expectations

    Re: How many people are in the situation of having to live up to famil expectations 90+ or there goes my eggroll.
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Re: How Was The Exam 2008!?!?! lol fuck, i should probably check that while im on the computer now haha, ah yeah question 6 i put c, also, and A for the scandisk i think as well, what did u put for the question with all teh signs they allow you to take the paper home, but i didnt wanna look at...
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Re: How Was The Exam 2008!?!?! was question 6 the one about the which sign would the cleaning things be in , i think i put C as well, the fire hazard lol, and the OH&S commitee i think i put the OH&S act, not sure, what did u put for the hard disk scan thing, with all the Bs
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    General Thoughts: Information Technology

    Re: How Was The Exam 2008!?!?! 2 years worth of bludge was not worth it for the epic fail experienced in that room today
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    my little study notes

    Wow, you have better notes that a lot of us, and yeah I hate IT too, but thanks for the notes, I've only had a brief glance, due to time ><, but thanks, if only you shared earlier haha, GL to you, no doubt you can get 80%+.
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    When are you planning to sleep?

    Hsc =/= Fun :<
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    When are you planning to sleep?

    How can anyone fire up for this? MUST GET BAND 6 MUST GET BAND 6 AAAAAAAAA /WRIST
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    What is everyone doing to study today

    Haha, I'm panicking as much as you, and I think I've done well..enough. Trying to chill and relax now <_<.
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    Would you say...

    Lol, don't mess with Without Wings, and yes give us a prediction with your mighty wisdom!
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    Vet It: What 2 Study Now!

    Yeah agreed, but I have business in the morning, 2 of my easiest exams, but the statistics of IT scare me a little, really want a band 6 in it, anyway im off to study, GL everyone.
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    Mmm sounds good,thanks.
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    The financial planning cycle seems way too long to remember, does anyone think we'll be needing to remember it?
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    Haha not sure, I wrote phone call. EDIT: I don't get why the BoS doesn't give us the answers, would help a real frikin lot.