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    General Thoughts - Physics

    i know that was so freakin hard!!!!
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    Thoughts on CSSA Physics 2008 Paper

    you were suppose to write the impacts it had on the environment rather than society, i think
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    Cssa Cafs Trial

    yeah dont think it was the cssa, it didnt start with a graph. All cafs papers tend to be a lot of writing lol ( my hand was killing aswell).. Common people, post your thoghts..
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    Cssa Cafs Trial

    how do you think you went.. post your somments here!!!
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    CSSA Trial Business Studies 2008

    lol no thats marketing lol goes to show how much you know :)
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    CSSA Trial Business Studies 2008

    i wrtoe it like that aswell, lol do you think i will still gte full marks
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    Got My Results For Irp...

    hey, congrats on the marks... would you be able to send me your irp pm me
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    Cafs Scaling 07 Hsc

    howd cafs scale this year good or bad:
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    QANTAS case study

    hey thanks champ i added you.. talk further on msn
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    Case Study (QANTAS)

    hey, i'm also doing QANTAS for managing change- 1st topic of business studies HSC. COULD ANYONE POSSIBLE HELP ME WITH THE FOLLOWIG QUESTIONS: Explain hot the adoption of more modern theories of managemnt has improved QANTAS' competitive position? Assess the impact of the global business...
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    QANTAS case study

    hey does anyone have any assessments, on first buiness studies topis "managing change" related to qantas, that they can send me
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    Irp Help

    " the australian fertility rate decline" any suggestions,
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    Cafs IRP

    emmie can you please send me a private message(dont know how) we can tlak about your irp, ive chosen the same topic..
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    Cafs IRP

    hey hey how silly of me i forgot to give you my email mickael_massih@hotmail.com
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    Cafs IRP

    hey emmie, can you please send me your irp please it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Cafs Help- Tutoring

    can anyone tutor me for cafs or assist me in anyway.
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    Cafs Enquires

    Thanks for your comments.. well its the first time it runs at our school so im worried about not have adequate info. can you please give me your email and send me any notes resources your teacher has given you. Thanks again
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    Cafs Enquires

    hey, thanks for your responses, they were very useful.. just wondering would you have any study guides notes or anything that can help me to excel in this course,i really enjoy it though like i mentioned earlier it is the first year our school runs the course and resources for this course are...
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    Cafs Enquires

    It is the first year that our school delany college has offered cafs. I would appreciate anyone who would liek to answer my follwing questions: Does cafs scale you down? IS it a hard course? Can you still get a good uai with it?
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    Cafs Tutoring-needed

    Does anyone know of or are able to tutor me for cafs..... Or is anyone willing to sell me their cafs study guides