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    they better scale it up this year

    in your opinion. dont forget it is POSSIBLE other people didnt find it so hard, and may have done better than you.
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    Post ur IPT Multiple Choice Answers Here

    Based on the "correct answers" posted on page 1 of this thread, I got 16/20 which I'm pretty happy with.
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    find the curved surface question

    Yes, the surface area of the curved section was only a couple of hundred lower than the total volume.
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    Question 5 MC Answer is actually D as they ask you for a trinagular pyramid not a trinagular prism. Question 6 MC Answer is actually B. 22.00 / 100 = 0.22 0.22 x 10 = $2.20 Question 9 MC I think the answer is B. A population of 500,000 may only have 10 schools. $1 of petrol...
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    find the curved surface question

    I had two simpsons area sides calculated into my answer as I thought there was two sides to the object as the back section (5m x 2m) didn't give any indication to sloping down.
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    QUESTION 25?? what was that?

    The probability of me picking a white jelly bean from a bag with 3 white jelly beans and 1 red jelly bean.
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    General Thoughts - English Standard Paper 2

    Great exam and most importanly of all, NO MORE ENGLISH EVER AGAIN! Thank goodness the stipulation was only a speech, glad it wasn't a feature article. All of the questions were great too. Truman - around 7 pages We All Fall Down - 6 and a half pages Educating Rita - around 7 pages EDIT: this...
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    UAI Prediction

    Re: Prediction, UAI OK. Thanks.