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  1. 1981Grant

    HSC Appeals

    Way too late to be complaining. As soon as my friend started the HSC course he was talking to our school principal, counsellor and senior deputy. He had to get signed notes and certificates from the counsellor, a handwriting counsellor (apparently they exist) and the principal to be viable for...
  2. 1981Grant

    Best option module to do ?

    Um. I didn't do physics but my experience is that you should pick the option that is most commonly chosen as it will have the most accessible information generally. Also it doesn't really matter which one is easier/harder because they get moderated come hsc marking anyhow.
  3. 1981Grant

    Typing notes from the HSC syllabus?

    I would handwrite my notes and put them in books and folders that I could carry round with me to classes/tests. I just can't learn from a computer screen. My advice to you would be to experiment with handwriting and typing and find which one suits your memory better. Because the amount of work...
  4. 1981Grant

    best video game ever!!!

    Best: Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
  5. 1981Grant

    HOliday work

    How much work do you do in a usual school week?
  6. 1981Grant

    School changes ur internal mark?

    You were meant to check if your assessment ranks were right on Students Online in the My details tab after the end of exams.
  7. 1981Grant

    School changes ur internal mark?

    Most school's wouldn't do that because it's dishonest/illegal and surprisingly easy to tell. I'm sure if you monitored your ranks and results throughout the year it wouldn't be difficult to see the change (if they did).
  8. 1981Grant

    What is the function of flirting?

    Yo Zombie, Why don't we go back to my place and I can show you the exponential growth of my natural log?
  9. 1981Grant

    Ethanol as a fuel questions

    I'm not sure what this question is asking. Just ask your teacher. Teachers are there for a reason.
  10. 1981Grant

    Transitioning into Year 12 - Tips anyone?

    Here's some actual advice. Delete your facebook. Don't spend time writing your own notes, download the good ones from BoS and compile them until they form some semblance of intelligence. Power on the past papers. Do well early. Kickback and chill the fuck out. Don't get too stressed about year 12.
  11. 1981Grant

    help could get 0 in assessment task :(

    You fucked up. Deal with it.
  12. 1981Grant

    Why don't girls like me :(

    I just laughed, this thread was just next to "Are you ugly?"
  13. 1981Grant

    How the fuck do you motivate yourself?

    If your having trouble studying just get in an environment free from all distractions. Go to the bathroom beforehand. Bring a muesli bar or something and a water bottle. Listen to some music if it helps you study as well. Ditch mobiles/laptops/etc.
  14. 1981Grant

    Gran Torino as related text

    srsly you can do almost anything for a related text for belonging. Gran Torino's good because you can draw on cultural tensions, etc in shaping a sense of belonging/identity and heaps of other crap. Its a good text, if you're not bothered to analyse it though why use it? I would recommend...
  15. 1981Grant

    Give it to me straight.

    If you're planning to continue to the HSC the sc means nothing. My principal even admitted it afterwards. "Now that you've finished the school certificate, I can now tell you that it means nothing, the hsc, however, ..."
  16. 1981Grant

    Do options get scaled differently?

    yes. If one is obviously a lot harder than the other it gets scaled up accordingly. Chill.
  17. 1981Grant

    English Preparation

    For SC it can be pretty general so I would just browse an english handbook for techniques, practice writing, expand vocab.
  18. 1981Grant

    That Australian kid arrested in Bali

    are we going to start discussing the legality of marijuana now? I thought there was another thread for that.