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    What have you eaten today?

    Nothing today. Yesterday, massive Chrismas lunch (+ Vegemite toast for breakfast): dinner plate laden with... ham, chicken, meatballs, green salad, red salad, pasta salad, potato salad, egg slices, garlic bread. then dessert! tropical fruity thing I made :) that met my family's high...
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    Common food that YOU have never eaten or avoided.

    Haha, yeah I know. :shy: Some of the avoid list stuff is because of intolerances / issues with eating I had as a kid. Being force-fed a melon-lychee salad by a nurse lady when I was around 5 or 6 put me off it for life, for example.
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    Parents reaction to ATAR

    I got it at 8:30 and called my dad, who was taking my mum in for major surgery. Me: "Hey Dad, is Mum in a position to be told my ATAR?" Dad (driving through morning traffic): "What? Yes, she's here." Me: "Okay, can you tell her I got "..."? Thanks Dad, bye." When Dad got home at 9:40-ish...
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    australian institue of music audition (help please, like seriously) [merged]

    Re: attn: musical people. my friend is an idiot. I remember my music teacher saying that if you do Music1 or only up to Grade 5 AMEB, you can only teach junior music and Music1. To teach Music2 you have to have done it / up to AMusA AMEB. I don't get why he wouldn't study the theory if he...
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    Common food that YOU have never eaten or avoided.

    Avoid: honey, honeydew melon, rockmelon, wasabi, hummus unless made by my auntie and in very small doses, sourdough bread, olives, coconut in any form (intolerant), prawn chips, white chocolate, cherries, pears & nashies, lychees, liquorice, anything strawberry other than real...
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    What have you eaten today?

    Haven't eaten properly today :uhoh: Ham, tomato & lettuce sandwich. Five mini choc-chip cookies. Glass of milk + chocolate Quik. Plate of pasta + bacon + grated cheese. Three bottles + two glasses of water throughout the day. My doctor's going to snap it if I've dropped below 50kg :O
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    Tutoring for 2/3/4U maths, all sciences, modern history

    I don't even know Anna aside from seeing her posts and I know she's awesome, very intelligent and personable - so think how much more awesome she'd be in person! hope you enjoy being a tutor! :)
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    I...do not have words for this

    Pretty sure I had to wear something like this for a dance concert back in the day, with like a coloured singlet or bandeau thingy underneath. I think I was around 9? :edit: the V-neck was significantly deeper. This was before the studio entered its slutty stage of costumes :cold:
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    English Discussion: ESL/Standard/Advanced Courses

    Re: Which subjects would you achieve the top band in? Hey, at least they don't call it "Stupid English". Then it'd make more of a difference. Standard is just like, normal English - or as normal as it gets in this crappy course. :)
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    who's scared about their atar?

    I'm pretty scared. But I'm trying not to think about it since my fear won't make a difference.
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    Dreaming of the HSC

    I've had a few. I remember one the night before English Paper 1 - maybe 'cause it was my first exam - in which they made our cohort sit the exam in some other school that had a maze of tunnels in its basement. In the dream I'd forgotten to take pens to my desk and the evil supervisors...
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    Who hasnt made up their mind?

    Me. :s Not completely.
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    It depends on your school for Trials. We had ours starting in week 5 of term 3, and going until week 7, I think. That was with some assessment tasks the week before as well, plus compulsory attendance. No stuvac, excepting the days during the exam period when you didn't have an exam. As...
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    Modern game

    edit: stupid on-screen keyboard means I can't keep up :( just ignore my answers, haha. 1951 - nothing for my option. 1923 - hyperinflation sparked: hardship, poverty, confidence in Republic at all-time low, society kinda popped and went crazy, Nazi popularity rose French occupation of...
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    Modern game

    1920 - Hitler emerges as the leader of the Nazi Party and renamed it (incidentally I haven't got a clue what it was called before, can't remember) Outlined policies, particularly the anti-Semitic ones. 1936?
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    Modern game

    1934 - Hitler had established total control of Germany under the fuhrerprinzip. 1943 - Allied tactic of island hopping pushed Japan back thousands of kilometres; total blockade of Japan put into effect. 1941 or 1942?
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    So who's ready for tomorrow's exam?

    I'm the opposite... I'm hoping I get a good mark on the story to make up for the undoubtedly pathetic essay the markers will be forced to suffer through. I'm the only one in the class too so it's not like I can scab marks off anyone :(
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    What two prescribed texts are you using for Crime Fiction?

    It depends on the question... granted I'm pretty screwed no matter what... but I'm okay to do any of Skull, Rear Window and Inspector Hound. My relateds are Lamb to the Slaughter, The Life & Crimes of Harry Lavender and something by Conan Doyle, probaby The Speckled Band or A Study in Scarlet...
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    Extension English - Module B, Elective 1: After the Bomb

    I do Crime Fiction, but here's two from an ETA paper: Q7a) "It is not who we fight for, but what we believe in that defines us." Write an essay in which you evauate the extent to which this is true of TWO prescribed texts and at least TWO texts of your own choosing. Q7b) "The Cold War is...