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  1. ^emmie^

    Any exams in Social Sciences?

    Hey i am in 2nd yr now and havent had any exams yet, i think they used to but in alot of the courses they have said that they recently got rid of them eg SLSP2002 which im doing now used to have an exam now it has a reflective journal instead. in two of the courses they have replaced end of...
  2. ^emmie^

    Bacherlor of Social Science (Criminology)

    oh and im pretty sure the lit review was not 2500 probly more like 1500 but u need this many words anyways
  3. ^emmie^

    Bacherlor of Social Science (Criminology)

    i do social science without the crim bit and i like it it is not all about stats hardly any of it is like 2 courses which are good anyway and its not like its hard stats i think it is a really good course LOL about George
  4. ^emmie^

    CAFS excel book for sale

    about 15 how much do u want to pay??
  5. ^emmie^

    Study guides for sale

    Hey guys i have the following HSC maths textbook study guides for you to buy any reasonable offer will be considered and most probably sold to. be fast! all books in excellent condition, i brought all of them new. Excel HSC Mathematics (2u) Success one HSC mathematics (2u) past HSC...
  6. ^emmie^

    CAFS excel book for sale

    hey guys have an excel HSC community and family studies book for sale any reasonable offer will be accepted, it is in excellent condition.
  7. ^emmie^

    Environmental policy

    why did u move it to science and engineering it has nothing to do with that its about policy so it should be in politics
  8. ^emmie^

    Environmental policy

    does anyone know were i can find a list of current environmental policies of the Australian government? Thanks
  9. ^emmie^

    on the small size

    hey doea anyone no good shops for small people
  10. ^emmie^

    arc benefits

    hi i was just wondering r we meant to get the arc store gift vouchers like the ones we did last year the one for $25 each semester at the arc stores cause if so i didnt get them like i got the others or unless they dont have them this time but it says they do on the website also in the diary...
  11. ^emmie^

    is there a subway at the UNSW?

    subway and KFC r at randwick which isnt very far at all from upper campus
  12. ^emmie^


    do u think donna really cheated on ringo with zeke
  13. ^emmie^

    The Shawshank Redemption

    ive been searching for this book for so long i really want to read it as its like my favourite movie and was just wondering if anyone knows where i can find it also it is really expensive like the only one ive found was on the angus and robinson online store for $53 does anyone know why its so...
  14. ^emmie^

    What are you currently Reading?

    the bourne supremacy
  15. ^emmie^


    i want her to have the baby
  16. ^emmie^

    General Education (Gen Ed) FAQ

    has anyone done GENS3501 metals, ceramics, plastics- building the twenty first century just wondering if its good, and also what the assessments are also is it a good idea to do two geneds in summer ses or not
  17. ^emmie^

    choosing courses

    iwas just wondering when ur in second yr can u still do level one courses ie 1xxx or do u have to do level 2 ones ie 2xxx
  18. ^emmie^

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    it was wd caues he lost my final essay :-( but he said if i send it he will mark and i have proof i handed it in so hopefully it will be ok
  19. ^emmie^

    The s1 2008 Uni Results thread

    i got 1 distinction 2 credit and a wd wat does this mean when will i get the results for it??
  20. ^emmie^

    How bad is hospitality scaled?

    i think as long as u do resonably well u dont get scaled down heaps i mean u have to expect that ur not gonning to get as good a scale compared to something like chemistry but yer if u go good in all other subjects ul be right i cant understand why people go bad in it i mena its not like is...