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  1. zangetsu.xo

    2007 Top 200 School Rankings Daily Telegraph

    wow we're no longer second best school in the shire behind caringbah. we suck.
  2. zangetsu.xo

    Distinguished Achievers List

    it was in the paper.
  3. zangetsu.xo

    The Official Crap UAI Thread

    83.9 *runs into corner and dies in shame*
  4. zangetsu.xo

    Japanese Extension

    they better scale us up for this.
  5. zangetsu.xo

    Japanese Extension

    hah i know. just in the initial panic i was like "oh crap have i not read about him?!"
  6. zangetsu.xo

    individual and society

    11 pages for one section. 12 for the other. forget which one was which. i didn't like the exam. my creative writing was crap. and my essay was flowery.
  7. zangetsu.xo

    Japanese Continuers

    don't worry about it!! there are many many people who hate katakana [me included] who wouldnt've gotten that. DON'T WORRY LARHH.
  8. zangetsu.xo

    Japanese Extension

    i thought it was really really hard. sat there all o_______O didn't want shiteiseki at all. at all. was all "kitani?? was he in the book??" and those sakubun questions were just heinous.
  9. zangetsu.xo

    they better scale it up this year

    i hate business studies. did crap in my internals. and possibly scrwed up externals. in short... there goes my hsc.
  10. zangetsu.xo

    Japanese Continuers

    hahaha come on guys that was the easiest jap exam i've ever taken. i finished 45 minutes early and went back and checked my sakubuns like 3 times each [found many many mistakes by the way hahaha]. come onnnn band 6! good luck extension people!!!!! we can do it!
  11. zangetsu.xo

    Business Studies Exam

    i thought it was really really straightforward. although i didn't know my stuff so i was very o______O section IV sucked and i wanted to stab it. section III was good. i could actually blabber on about crap for that one. multiple choice... blah. just very glad i didn't need to turn my calculator...
  12. zangetsu.xo

    Emma/Clueless, W.B Yeats or Antony and Cleopatra... Thoughts??

    i started rejoicing silently after looking at the powerplay question. pretty much just wrote my generic word for word. the emma/clueless question was really annoying! they said to only focus on two aspects where i focus on 3 in my generic. so my module a essay was really short i thought~
  13. zangetsu.xo

    Section 2 - Who used quote as central idea, who just slotted the quote in somewhere?

    Re: Section 2 - Who used quote as central idea, who just slotted the quote in somewhe i used stimulus B and wrote about boat people coming to australia without passports and stuff and was hoping the government would empathise with them so they'd be able to stay in the country with "a world...
  14. zangetsu.xo

    Section 1

    what was with the "use of contrast" one?? i screwed up that section big time.
  15. zangetsu.xo

    Section 2

    i used the passport one and wrote about boat people. everyone seems to be really amused when i say that~
  16. zangetsu.xo

    what degree would you do if you got 100 uai

    i'd still do international studies. coz there's no way i'd be able to get it at this rate~
  17. zangetsu.xo

    any surprises this year?

    helloooooooooooo 5th in english advanced trial after a whole year of crapass marks.
  18. zangetsu.xo

    Need advice/tips/help - 2 exams in one day

    eat a filling lunch and coffee/v/red bull to get your energy levels up. i got the same dilemma. got modern history/japanese continuers AND english extension/japanese extension on the same days. getting my friends who are coming for the second exams to go to gloria jeans first to get me a LARGE...
  19. zangetsu.xo

    HSC Advice Line

    yes you lovely lovely person!! however, i think i'll get the satisfaction of asking myself hahaha.
  20. zangetsu.xo

    Just a quick question...

    as far as i know~ for english paper one creative writing we get a 4page booklet. for everything else we get 8pages??