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  1. michael1990

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Financial Services Cadet $20 000 p.a. Greater Union Manager $25.61 p/h.
  2. michael1990

    learner log book questions

    Okay. Unsealed roads are like dirt roads. Not sure what the difficulty is? Also with your test, the new test is all about observation. So make sure you observe. Do 5km/h under the speed limit. Ask if you don't understand a direction. Take your time and just relax.
  3. michael1990

    Laptop Ideas

    Thanks heaps for that!!! I totally forgot about Whirlpool. Was looking at the Dells, now seriously looking. Thanks man.
  4. michael1990

    Laptop Ideas

    Hey there peeps, I'm looking at buying a new laptop. I want to spend around (give or take) $1500 and want it to have: Good Battery Life About 3GB Ram 250Gb Hard Drive 512MB or so Graphics Light and Compact but large screen It will be for train use, and for university education. So just the...
  5. michael1990

    2009 Economics Marathon

    Re: Quiz? Globalisation refers to the process of increased intergration between national economies to form a single interdependant global economy. (always loved that defintion)
  6. michael1990

    Do you get Superannuation?

    Most people do get Superannuation. I have had a fight with my employer as they tried to tell me that only people above 18 years old get super. But I am here to prove them wrong. Source: Superannuation guarantee - individuals
  7. michael1990

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    Wow. I was there too :)
  8. michael1990

    Australia (2008)

    Was at the premiere. Didn't get to see the whole movie, but the parts i saw were quite well done. I do believe the movie will fall short of expectations. But hopefully will redeem Australia's film industry.
  9. michael1990

    Single sex schools vs coed

    I was told by my dentist that its a more fierce atmosphere, because each person wants to do better. (because its either males against males or females against females, not males verus females).
  10. michael1990

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    You shut the fuck up you raging homo! Disgrace to mankind.
  11. michael1990

    Belonging Story

    You want people to write a story for you?
  12. michael1990

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Looks good, can't wait.
  13. michael1990

    Would you...

    Sounds good. :D
  14. michael1990

    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    Tomorrow, hopefully meeting Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman at the premiere of Australia tomorrow at George Street :D
  15. michael1990

    Education Tax Refund - still available?

    Is that for me or the OP?
  16. michael1990

    Want to quit maccas job

    I doubt this. But i would say something along the lines of, you would have to give a certain amount of time notice and you may have to pay for the course (if they paid for it). Also if the government has paid for it, you will not be able to do another course and have the government pay for it. (...
  17. michael1990

    case study

    Yeah it would be great if you can actually find up to date stats and such.
  18. michael1990

    Education Tax Refund - still available?

    Are you serious? Can i claim my laptop that i bought at the begining of year 11? And my school books?
  19. michael1990

    wat 2 get a band 6

    you can never fail.
  20. michael1990

    Partner-free formals

    Most single-sexed schools actually allow people from outside of the school attend their formal. Otherwise as you said, no one would attend. They also have another school in which (opposite sex) the school regularly do events together.