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  1. nickyroony

    general UNSW chit-chat

    I am sure Axel and Chen are probably so weirded out right now.
  2. nickyroony

    World of Warcraft

    I started playing 2 weeks after the game came out.. and I'm still playing. /sigh http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Daggerspine&n=Jooky
  3. nickyroony

    itt: we discuss food on campus.

    Beef and mushroom pie with mash potato and gravy at the quad. For 5 bucks. I thought it was awesome.
  4. nickyroony

    The UNSW bus queue at Eddy Ave

    So true. Or even walk to town hall.. only takes bout 5min. Better than standing around for half an hour. I caught it on tuesday 6pm rush.. the bus came, got on straight away compared to the people waiting for the central bus that probably had to wait about 3 more buses to get on.
  5. nickyroony

    Q's. Changing Classes + Going to Tutorials?

    This is from the class details: "Students must attend an average of 5 hours of classes per week for 14 weeks. They're 2hours of lecture for 7 weeks only, 4hrs of language classes for 14 wks. All classes begin in week 1. Group A is for students who've...
  6. nickyroony

    academic achievement award official welcome

    I'll most likely be going. I emailed the lady and apparently it's pretty casual. You can come later if you have a class on or leave earlier for a class if you need to. So yeah I think it's more of a meeting-and-greeting thing.
  7. nickyroony

    Fullfee to HECS place

    Plus 20% charge for FEE HELP would suck too x_x Luckily my parents are in a position where they can support me, so I don't think a loan would be necessary. anyway guys thanks for all your help again. I'm leaving for Europe today and I'll be back in Feb. Hopefully I'll see some of you around on...
  8. nickyroony

    Fullfee to HECS place

    Thanks for your help and input everyone! I talked it through with my parents and really made sure with them that they're able/prepared to pay the whole way should I fail to transfer, and they're absolutely fine with it. Doesn't make me feel any better about putting financial burden on them, but...
  9. nickyroony

    Fullfee to HECS place

    Yupyup just checked with the UNSW law booklet again, and it says you can.
  10. nickyroony

    Fullfee to HECS place

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! I checked up on the whole transfer thing, and it seems that the entry requirement to transfer into law is also a minimum UAI of 97 and D-average from whichever institution or degree, which is exactly the same as DFEE to HECS. As Lainee pointed out...
  11. nickyroony

    Fullfee to HECS place

    So I got 98.1, so obviously that won't be enough to qualify me for a HECS place in law. But my parents are offering to pay full-fee, and I wanna get some idea of things before I put that kind of financial burden on them. Exactly how hard is it to apply after first year to go from fullfee to...
  12. nickyroony

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    98.1 Ninety Eight Point One! Farkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  13. nickyroony

    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    2 Economics 90/100 91/100 91 6 2 English (Advanced) 88/100 90/100 89 5 2 Mathematics 94/100 94/100 94 6 1 Mathematics Extension 1 46/50 43/50 45 E4 2 Studies of Religion II 88/100 93/100 91 6 2 Japanese Continuers 92/100 95/100 94 6 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS But damn...
  14. nickyroony

    Religious Rites

    Well I sent an email to my teacher with YBK's quote. This was the answer: so either is fine I think. We can rest easy.
  15. nickyroony

    Religious Rites

    ...................... ARE YOU SERIOUS? wow I'm gonna crawl under my bed and die now.
  16. nickyroony

    Confess:How many pages did you write?

    Exactly one booklet for each question =D Not much but I got in all of what I wanted to say, so it's all good.
  17. nickyroony

    Questions that weren't worth it.

    Thank god it's only 3 marks. I bullshitted that one. Basically said up turn in economic cycle = higher participation rate, short term rise in unemployment... and the last one i totally made up and I don't remember what I said.
  18. nickyroony

    Section III: Which extended response?

    So much stuff and good points to write for micro/macro, so I chose that one.