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  1. rekura

    UNSW Co-op Interview

    got one for business IT but im probs not getting a 96
  2. rekura

    General Thoughts: Multiple Choice

    LOLOL question 8
  3. rekura

    How many marks lost for mixing up ideas?

    they give u marks for anything you write that is correct :) pree sure they dont deduct
  4. rekura

    sup its pc LOL

    sup its pc LOL
  5. rekura

    Did anyone else answer the wrong question?

    i dont see why not, it was pree much the same question LOL
  6. rekura

    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    did my prepared story, referred to the fishing picture 4 times (Y)
  7. rekura

    Section 1 - Stimulus

    well i forgot to finish c) accidentally when i ran out of time LOL, the third extract seemed kinda off to me anyway...
  8. rekura

    Mark predictions

    12/15 13/15 12/15
  9. rekura

    atar estimate pls :)

    haha ty, im working my butt off now :D
  10. rekura

    atar estimate pls :)

    school rank: 23 English Adv 66/132 Maths Adv 53/72 :confused: Eco 30/62 SDD 5/7 IPT got 90 (back in 2010) Expecting 90ish for IT (VET) school says i should get a band 5 for maths... need 92.3 for UNSW info sys/commerce (4 bonus ftw!) ty ^^
  11. rekura

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    information technology VET?