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    2016 UPP students + O Week

    Just wondering if anyone here is doing the UPP this year and will attend O week. I plan to join the Dota and Billiards Pool society :awesome: I am doing the Science stream And does anyone know based on experience/word of mouth what i can expect the majority's age group to roughly be around...
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    heyy! I was wondering if anyone else is doing UPP, since no1 on the forum seems to be haha, im...

    heyy! I was wondering if anyone else is doing UPP, since no1 on the forum seems to be haha, im doing the science stream. Good to see theres at least 1 more person
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    UWS Roll Call 2014

    Oh awesome! I'm actually quite anxious and excited at the same time, don't have many friends from that area :s
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    UWS Roll Call 2014

    I'll be doing Business and Commerce (accounting) @ Parra :)
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    UWS Milperra VS ACU Strathfield

    I was just wondering how the atmosphere and social life, clubs, events are like at ACU strathfield. mixed races? majority/minority. Since I have the option of studying Psych at UWS or ACU. Having tried a semester at UWS I was quite disappointed in the lack of clubs(aside from religious clubs...
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    What options do I have? - UWS

    There is also Bachelor of Psychological Science at ACU strathfield with a cut off of 60-65 I believe and B arts Psych, if you're interested. I'm listing three of them down as my preferences.
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    UWSC Foundation studies Sem2 2013

    Oh and if anyone has done foundation studies at nirimba, that would like to share their experience with it feel free too!
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    UWSC Foundation studies Sem2 2013

    Hey, just wondering if anyone else is starting foundation studies at nirimba too. Unfortunately it isn't provided at the bankstown campus so that's a 2 hour train ride everyday and to make it worse i don't know anyone from the blacktown area =.=, anyone else in the same boat? haha I'm doing...
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    What tafe should i study HSC at?

    If it wasn't such a big deal or tolerable I wouldn't go out of my way to travel that far, but yeah it was pretty bad in my opinion, the students were overall friendly but most were going there to either socialise, sell/buy -things-, or to get youth allowance lol. Good point about the teachers...
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    My Guide to HSC at TAFE.

    Anyone know the best tafes to study hsc at based on atmosphere, campus(plenty of facilities) and resources? High asian population aswell if possible.
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    What tafe should i study HSC at?

    Hey there, I'd like to know peoples opinions based on word of mouth/ past experience of the best places to study hsc in terms of learning environment and ethnicity(high asian population, being one im more comfortable socialising with them, but diversity is great aswell which my last tafe...