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    i thought it was such a weird exam ... the questions weren't even proper questions. they were so different to past papers. but anyway it was easy so im not complaining! =)
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    How Long 4 Extended & Report?

    8 pages for question 26 8 pages for question 27
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    Multiple Choice Question About Atm!!! -cost Based

    for the atm question. i put cost-based pricing. isn't market-based pricing like demand and supply of a product? the banks keep the transaction fee at the same price even if demand is low or high. anyway don't get too stressed about it. it's only 1 mark! =)
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    Did all u guys refer to a case study for question 27/28?

    for question 26 you're supposed to refer to the stimulus material, not other case studies.
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    MTPs gone, gone gone!

    i checked my student number 100 times to make sure it was right, and also looked at my folio so many times checking my pages and stuff but i'm glad it's gone and over. =)
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    Graduation Song

    TOMMY LEE - good times ~
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    Earlier HSC timetable scheme?

    last years time table had economics on the last day, business on the 2nd last day, and hospitality on the 3rd last day. if it's the same this year i think i'll have a mental breakdown. =(
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    Experiments For Mtp

    hey everyone i need help! =( the focus area for my MTP is textile arts. i was wondering what are some suitable experiments i could do. the end use of my MTP is just for viewing in a mueseum of something, so i need ideas for aesthetic tests i could do. i can't apply abrasion resistance...
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    Scars from acne

    yeah i've also heard that bio-oil works. i don't think that it'll make ur whole face look oily. LOL It's a different type of oil and it instantly soaks into ur skin and leaves no shine. I've also read that Vitamin E can get rid of early scars. It helps rebuild skin cells. You might want to...
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    Fav Brand.

    those brands are soo not in my age and price range.
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    Help!!!! I need a good sunscreen!!!!

    australian cancer council branded sunscreens are the best. they're guaranteed to work and they've got a great range to suit different skin types. price is cheap (about $6 for a big tube) and the money goes towards cancer research. :)
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    getting dirty with mud masks!

    i've used ten-o-six mud mask. it's supposed to soak up the access oil on your face.
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    u look like a character from dragon ball Z. :P
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    Rank your subjects

    enjoyable: 1. textiles 2. business 3. english 4. economics 5. hospitality 6. maths best 1. textiles 2. business 3. hospitality 4. economics 5. english 6. maths
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    stress relief

    have u tried aroma therapy? i haven't tried it, but i've read in magazines and books that it does help stress relief. e.g. peppermint oil is supposed to help clear ur brain and help it work better. you might like to try that. :)
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    alterations + pornos

    go to a local clothing alteration store. it's sure to be wayy cheaper than those one's in a shopping centre. :)
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    alterations + pornos

    no, sewing is a hobby. there's so many old ladies at spotlight and lincraft.
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    alterations + pornos

    you've got to change the waistband, bum and legs. they look more like bagging leg jeans. you might as well just buy a new pair of jeans that fit well. :)
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    alterations + pornos

    mum doing clothing alterations = slave? :confused: household mums are usually good at this stuff.
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    collared shirts

    have a look at DFO. i think i saw some at Cotton On. :)