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    Journalism/International Studies - Experiences/Advice?

    Hi, I'm leaning towards doing the BA in Communication (Journalism)/BA in International Studies next year. From what I've heard UTS offers the best journalism course in Sydney (right?), although I'm also considering the Bachelor of Media (Communication and Journalism) at UNSW. Any...
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    In country study complusory for international studies/law?

    Yup, the full 2 semesters overseas are definitely compulsory. I think that's actually the whole point of the course. No way of getting around it. If you still want to go overseas, you could go on exchange. That runs for only one semester, maybe even less. I'm doing Journalism/International...
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    Communication at UNSW vs UTS

    I have the exact same dilemma, but pretty sure I'm going with UTS, all things considered. :)
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    Roll Call: Class of 2014

    Hey, I'm Jennifer. Bit late to the party, just joined Bored of Studies. English Advanced English Extension 1 English Extension 2 Economics Biology Ancient History Studies of Religion I And I want to do a double degree in journalism and International Studies at UTS next year.
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    Copy of the exam??

    We answered Section I (Pompeii) in the question booklet and handed it in at the end of the exam, so I can only give you the other sections. Enjoy, and pray for us poor souls who put our blood, sweat and tears into this exam. Sections II, III and IV: http://tinypic.com/r/2extxeq/8...