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    P Plater demerit points.

    If ur eligible to go for your green p's, get them before you pay the fine. This is what i did, and i lost no points :-)
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    Top 'speed' done and where?

    150 on m4 in my accent :p
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    P Plater demerit points.

    hey Guys, if i loose 4 points on red p's but dont pay the fine until after i get my green p's do i still loose 4 points of my greens? Or do i still have 7 points on my greens? The cop that got me for speeding told me that if i go get my greens then pay the fine i will be fine. But in the...
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    UWS pdhpe or ACU exercise science??

    Hi there everyone. Ive got a bit of a problem here. Ive completed 1st year of b health science at uws penrith and now have recieced 2 offers for transfer. Early round: Pdhpe at uws penrith Main round: exercise science at acu straithfield My career aspirations are to be a pdhpe teacher and...
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    How long to get to Penrith?

    I travel to penrith by train from bankstown station. it isnt to bad! Usually takes inbetween 1 to 1 and a half hours to get to the campus. depending on how longs the wait is at lidcome.
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    EAS for uws

    I was wondering when uws will confirm to eas applicants if they have been successfull in obtaining extra uai points for their disadvantage? Has anyone recieved anything from UWS yet? thanx in advance ppls..
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    Band 6 cut off

    kinda of topic but is it true that the lowest score u can get is 50?? so thats the band 1?
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    Module B Question!!

    hmm that sounds alright.. i just basically talked about different camera techniques used.. music and sound effects, imagery and the clasH Of the 2 dif worlds
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    related texts

    yeah that suprised me.. though it worked out for the best caus i was running out of time and if i had 2 write about 2 related texts i would have run out.. w0o thankyou bos
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    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    the club- 7 pages witnes- 6 pages raw- 6 pages thought the questions were preety much easy especially the witnes one.. the dialogue one was the hardest question i think though it was stil alright :)