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    I am currently studying Advanced Mathematics at Sydney University under the Talented Student Program (for mathematics) I am seeking year 11 or year 12 students for 3U or 4U maths I am dedicated to students who are aiming for an outstanding UAI I charge $30 to 35/hr depending on location...
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    Band 5 & 6 Cutoffs?

    lol qft
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    did anyone else get 387mg/L for EDTA?

    Cheers, seems like alot of ppl got around 387mg/L well yah. probably coz you kept the rounding last. that's good, it's better to keep the rounding last. but i dun think they will take a mark off 387 :)
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    LOL@joke, QQ more
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    did anyone else get 387mg/L for EDTA?

    as titled
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    For the love of God this is the general consenus? the first one posted was perfectly correct except for arguable question 11 which i think is D as well. this is how i settled question 11: it's not A, tats Davy, not B, tats Bronsted Lowrey (jsut check txtbk, conquering chemistry), it's C or...
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    General Thoughts: Economics 2006

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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    seems like there's so much confusion over 7. just look at the graph, after the quota decreased, the price went UP for oversea goods right? so oversea goods are now more expensive, meaning domestic goods are cheaper and hence less competed TO be honest i have NO idea why q13 is D, and...
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    I voted Hard, but after checking the MC with the other posts, i think i got it all correct, so i would vote moderate if i could
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    Sections III, IV : Extended Response

    I generally write out the points first on the paper before i write it in the booklet, so here goes: 26: 1) Intro to macro/micro crap 2) Macro: describe fiscal 3) Keynesian economics/multiplier effect 4) counter cyclical, sustained GDP 5) Monetary policy description 6) inflation targeting 7) ER...
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    qft qed
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    exactly the same cept 3.. u made a typo? or misread the questions?
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    Start of Mathematics!

    loads of maths to learn over the holidays , i am so bored with hsc, i am already starting on real analysis
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    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    dude, easy with hind sight, maths (hsc maths) is like a magic trick, once u no it it's simple. but in a timed and stressed environment it's not so easy to talk.
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    yah, happened to me before in my math exam, just went mind blank to make sure that never happens again, i pick the worst possible time to practice my pastpapers: wen i am sick, 5am in the morning, noisy room, sleepy, etc so that even in the worst possible time i can still keep my standards i...
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    Start of Mathematics!

    lol engineers, yah, loads of maths, but it's not the good old abstraction from pure maths. i just cant believe 3U , 4u is over
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    Distance between the rods??? It changes!

    What I did: the reading on the scale, R, reads Rg as resultant force. ie Weight pulling rod down - Force pulling rod up = Rg mg - F = Rg elementary maths tells us : -ΔF = ΔRg but F = kLI1I2/d the only change is in current, (distance doesnt change) making: -ΚLI1(ΔI2/ΔR)/g = d ΔR/ΔI2 is...
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    The most tragic mistake ever... or something very clever ?

    technically it shouldnt matter, coz it asks for horizontal component, ie, linearly, it is + or - to indicate direction, if u wrote 45, as opposed to -45, technically it gives the direction as well
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    Want to compare multiple-choice answers?

    owned.. that's what they WANT you to do. but it isnt, read the other posts comments about θ being 90 degrees. sigh, tricky ppl those examiners. check out the post i set up "Things examiners want you to get wrong" for a list that you may also have got fooled in