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  1. quarkfire

    Hsc.. is it that important

    depends on how bad you want to go to uni/a particular course. if you've already got into your course, it doesn't mean much. so don't stress, but don't be a moron and bludge the rest of the year either. get what you can out of it.
  2. quarkfire

    Your current band/artist obsession?

    bone thugs n harmony the killers kelis
  3. quarkfire

    What type of Pens are good?

    get one that has a good grip and gel ink (but doesn't leak), so you don't need to press hard. also get black over blue if you can.
  4. quarkfire

    what does this mean?

    "In the war between falsehood and truth, falsehood wins the first battle and truth the last." -what does that mean in relation to the module telling the truth? (I'm doing the ted hughes/sylvia plath thing)
  5. quarkfire

    anyone got into med with an UAI lower than 97?

    so the advanced english or higher requirement isn't true?
  6. quarkfire

    What preference did you get????

    ah my mistake.
  7. quarkfire

    who got the paper already

    yeah scan the paper someone! please :)
  8. quarkfire

    anyone UAI 90+ & did stand eng?

    I heard someone got 98.95 with std english
  9. quarkfire

    It's official!

    woah congratulations!!!! whoever you are... you rule :)
  10. quarkfire

    Repeating Year 12

    You have to do the same subjects cause you can't do any you haven't done the prelim for. the exception is tafe, since you can do prelim and hsc in one year and choose all new subjects :) and yeah you can repeat at another school.
  11. quarkfire

    2003 HSC Marks

  12. quarkfire

    2003 UAIs

    what was your assesment and hsc marks? and subjects? they seem to affect it alot.
  13. quarkfire

    2003 UAIs

    that's fantastic! congratulations!
  14. quarkfire

    2003 UAIs

    what did you get huy?
  15. quarkfire

    2003 UAIs

    wow everyone here is so smart! congrats! I got 82.10 I'm happy :)
  16. quarkfire


    um I wasn't lying ??? but anyways thanks! I really hope I can at least get 80
  17. quarkfire

    waiting for damn uai (anyone out there?)

    an hour and 15 mins actually :) patience people.