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    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    They changed the lecturer for accg310this semester so its a different book..now i cant sell mine! :mad:
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    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Hi guys, Only have BUSL301 left to sell. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers.
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    when will WEBct start working

    i think it depends on when the unit administrator opens up access to students.
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    Coop Bookshop

    I believe they have extended trading hours (incl sat) for the beginning of the semester. Its advertised in front of the coop shop.
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    enrolling in units

    thanks guys. yeh i've used up all my credit points so had to tell them to manually add the units in for me.
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    enrolling in units

    anyone having trouble adding units in estudent? mine says i dont have any planned units so i can't add online?
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    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Also have available book for BUSL350: Business Law by Gillies 12th edition PM for details.
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    Coop Bookshop

    Either Texts in the City has gone broke, or Co-op has taken over it. If you goto their website, its leads to Co-op's website now.
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    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Selling: All current editions. BUSL301: Understanding Company Law + Company Law Notes (package) 13th ed Corporations Law : In Principle ACCG253: Business Finance 9th ed BBA102: Contemporary Management 4th ed Buying: ACCG340 ACCG323 ACCG352 BUSL320 PM me
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    I've got the textbook package if anyone is interested in buying it.
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    The "What are these units like?" thread for 2006

    anyone done stat270 or accg350? How come stat270 in semester 1 has 3 hours of lectures but only 2 hours in semester 2?
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    dropping out of a double degree

    Anyone one know the procedure if i wanted to drop one of my degree in my double degree? Or would i have to go through the transfer system? If i did have to go through the transfer system, i have missed the deadline for this semester. If i applied to transfer to the single degree for semester 2...
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    wats WAM?

    of course, you would need to take into account the number of credit points that the subject is worth. A subject that is worth 4 credit points has a greater weighting than a 3 credit point subject. Hence 'Weighted' average mark. So a more accurate measure would be: total of (subject mark x...
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    textbooks acst201

    Personally, i think if you are the type of person that liked and did well in acst101, you are likey to also find acst201 not that hard. You might find it a little bit challenging at first, but practice is all it takes. i thought this unit was quite fun and John is a great lecturer too.
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    textbooks acst201

    I did acst201 last year and we had to buy an online textbook. It costs around $35 i think.
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    Im on exchange right now. Great experience, highly recommended to everyone out there. Macquarie are also encouraging more people to go and this year they plan to have at least 30% more students to go on exchange than last year, which means of course, more places for you guys.
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    ACCG253 Tut and BUSL250 form

    ok thanks guys!
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    ACCG253 Tut and BUSL250 form

    WebCT is down, can someone please help me? Does anyone have on their computer, a copy of the tut questions this week for accg253 and the case facts for the BUSL250 statemnt of claim exercise? Thanks.
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    The best elective unit

    Just a warning, ECON232 is really hard IMO. A lot more complicated than ECON141. Not many people do ECON232, when i did it there were less than 200 people. Light programming is also needed for the statistical package.
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    Books to sell and books to buy

    I will be selling: ECON200 ECON110 ECON111 ECON141 ACCG105 PM me if interested.