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  1. Leffife

    Atar estimate... Please tell me if my hopes n dreams are still worth chasing :(

    Alpha response. That's my girl, don't accept shit from others but rather throw it back at them.
  2. Leffife

    USYD combined law atar is lowered...

    Fckk strong join date. Yeah, true same shit.
  3. Leffife

    The question of the decade.

    Icecream- flavoured poo. Simple answer.
  4. Leffife

    Comment here if you have an interesting hobby

    For the Royal Australian Air Force?
  5. Leffife

    Free atar points

    I'm natty, so depends on what you consider massive to be. Disappointed; it's wasted.
  6. Leffife

    Comment here if you have an interesting hobby

    Probably the only guy on here who could dunk on a 10 feet rim. Not sure if that's a hobby, but definite an achievement.
  7. Leffife

    Free atar points

    Switch it to for every comment below, my deadlift and bench press stats will increase by 5kg, and then lets get talking. That's more valuable to me.
  8. Leffife

    do i really need physics for software engineering

    No pre-requisites. Also mechanics is completely useless for anyone doing software engineering. And for electrical V = IR, is not the only important law. You gotta know Kirchoff's laws.
  9. Leffife

    Work environment or the money?

    If you urgently need quick cash, go for option 1. However, option 2 would be the best in the long run.
  10. Leffife

    are laser pointers legal in nsw

    Yeah, you'd get your heart pumping if I decide to shine the laser to the pilot whilst you're a passenger.
  11. Leffife

    Text this message to your girlfriend

    I'll try to save whatever brainpower I have left. It's not like I can please everyone. I am just slower than you, judging by what you said.
  12. Leffife

    are laser pointers legal in nsw

    Get the weak ones then.
  13. Leffife

    are laser pointers legal in nsw

    It's an offence for anyone to have a laser pointer or use it without a reasonable excuse. This refers to only public places though. So, why do you want/need the laser for?
  14. Leffife

    Text this message to your girlfriend

    Lol not the best but still worth some rep. Made me laugh.
  15. Leffife


    That'll be in the credit range.
  16. Leffife


    They'll let you in if you get 80s, given that they don't increase the requirement much.
  17. Leffife

    law/commerce - atar risen by 6

    Do you still understand that give a sh*t load of free bonus points? Be happy about that.
  18. Leffife

    UAC Main Round Offers Question!

    Yeah of course, shouldn't this be like common sense?