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    Girl's generation on David Letterman show + will they become bigger than the beatles?

    Re: Girl's generation on David Letterman show + will they become bigger than the beat kpop even though has nice songs...deep down i presume most people would feel they are a bit superficial, which will be forgotten in the next few decades/century. Chopin's (which i <3 personally) pieces on the...
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    Montreal Restaurant brawl

    lol canada p.s. no need for throwing shyt just shout NEI GE
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    Liberal MP: immigrants stink, need to wear deoderant and learn to line up

    ever wonder why some men put on those really overpowering fragrances when ur in the train....because they smell w/o it assume. personally i hate these people as well, not just smelly people. if you put on perfume more occassionally than females, to me this means u stink naturally (for guys).
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    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    modern stuff (technological kind of degrees) <---- unsw old stuff (law/arts kind of degrees) <---- syd
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    Official Mandopop thread

    i only like lee hom that's IT, and his hotness. anyone seen him on the chinese new years eve show this yr in the beginning?
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    Move to China?

    just don't bring ur boyfriend/girlfriend (especially alpha ones) because girls there are really aggressive (relatively compared to australia where majority of people here are 'less competitive') in stealing the good stuff due to the developing nature of the country. LOL. :)
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    but some people just aren't the overt type as it's in their personality. ofc there are also the brave types.
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    Playing the piano

    yeah sort of forced but luckily i like music/singing so it's all gd
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    Do You Wear Glasses?

    i'm like 900 degrees in both eyes (genetics, but i don't look like a near sighted person luckily like u can tell with some people's eyes) and i don't like wearing glasses since the really high degree ones will make ur eyes bulge out or make the light in ur eyes go away eventually making ur eyes...
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    LOL good logic
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    Are all Korean guys chauvinist?

    metrosecksual is ok if he looks 'manly', which is the best mix...shaves off a bit of gayness lol
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    Are all Korean guys chauvinist?

    don't know or don't care. but i like their dressing style/sense
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    Chinese Guy is in here~

    so u have a chinese accent?
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    why the neg rep? and what's so funny about my post? btw i know ur an indian retard. edit...

    why the neg rep? and what's so funny about my post? btw i know ur an indian retard. edit: looks like ur a white bogan (ashamed of ur race?). haha fuck off.
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    What languages do you speak fluently?

    english, shanghainese, mandarin (so so), french (teeny weeny bit)
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    thanks michaeljennings (4 rep again). ur nice. ^_^

    thanks michaeljennings (4 rep again). ur nice. ^_^
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    what is a good combination among these commerce majors?

    Re: do UNSW commerce people look down on Macq commerce people (honestly)?? they look down on you when they ignore/don't care about you. btw unsw commerce people look down on macq not just its commerce.
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    UNSW Bcomm or BComm/ECO??????

    later accounting subjects are like auditing and 3rd level corporate financial reporting and analysis? i believe those are easier than the debits and credit of core accountin courses dunno why. also management accounting is hard to me.
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    K-pop music fest in Sydney

    they aren't really kids. it's just aussies look old. anyway, it's just music. they shouldn't get their panties in a bunch just because kpop is more popular than aussie or yank music nowdays, particularly in asia.
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    Who would you date?

    ^ you are the creepiest poster ever. aren't u a muslim girl?