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    Stoked with my results, I thought I was dreaming when I woke up when I went back to sleep from...

    Stoked with my results, I thought I was dreaming when I woke up when I went back to sleep from 3pm-7pm cause I got 2-3hrs of sleep the night before
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    Pre-SRS offer from Macquarie?

    how is medical science?
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    thanks bro
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    Students Online not working

    Anyone else have the same problem?
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    What is needed to get my desired ATAR?

    rank 2 in all subjects just to be sure
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    2018 cafs paper

    bruhh, that exam was so hard. I Reckon the teachers just smashed the syllabus together and it was a literal shitstorm. THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF EMPLOYERS WASN'T EVEN COVERED IN DEPTH IN CLASS!!!! However I predict that I got around 60-70%, how about you?????
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    Atar calculation please

    Hi guys, would be nice if you could give me a review on my possible atar: School Rank: 115 Assessment marks and ranks: - Standard English: 70% 36/136 - General Math: 84% 10/115 - Senior Science:79% 3/36 - Community & Family Studies: 65% 18/42 - Business Studies: 75% 21/71 - Studies...
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    Sor 1 paper

    This is all I could get of the 2018 answer sheet, (the exam tomorrow)
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    2018 cafs paper

    Told you guys!!!!
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    Chemistry 2018 HSC exam

    this one is going to be easy, I sat it already
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    Sor 1 paper

    Q. 8 d q. 9 d q. 10 c
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    2018 cafs paper

    You might want to focus on revising employer rights (technology) if you're doing that option for this exam.
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    Business studies worked solutions

    Anyone have the answers?
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    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    ^ ok, so many grammatical errors there, sorry, running on absolutely no sleep from business study, gonna log off now xx
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    HSC Business Studies Exam Thoughts:

    I just stated how if they were to expand to Europe, their strength of having a loyal audience would be infleunced by other markets with different behavioural, socio-cultural etc influences that will impact upon the ways that they view the product. Therefore the business is removing their...
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    this is bored of studies, everyone browsing this gets 90 ATAR LMAO
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    Business Case Studies

    Hey, how's everyone doing their case study?