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  1. ladysunshine

    Everyone ready for Japanese Continuers?

    i'm scared for the writing task, i always struggle with grammar in tenses
  2. ladysunshine

    General Thoughts: Geography

    I didn't like the skills very much, the graphs weren't all that easy to interpret, I really liked the extended responses though did the mega cities one and the economic activity!
  3. ladysunshine

    Entertainment Industry Exam

    who knows, hopefully something easy about roles like a stage manager and what the have to do in the pre production and production stage, i would like that
  4. ladysunshine

    Language exams

    i do japanese continuers, which i'm a little scared about!
  5. ladysunshine

    Help Hamlet Question!

    i think say the act and scene because then they would see you know your text well!
  6. ladysunshine

    Hamlet Module B

    Anyone doing hamlet for their module b? if so what type of things are putting in yours essays? or what themes are you focussing on ?
  7. ladysunshine

    Anyone got 2 exams on one day?

    yeah i have entertainment and pdhpe on the same day! so irritating
  8. ladysunshine

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    i smiled so much when i read the word 'papa'
  9. ladysunshine

    What's your worst AND best exam(s)?

    Best - PDHPE or Geography Worst - English Advanced, arghhh
  10. ladysunshine

    All my entertainment industry notes

    thankyou so much!