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    Biology: 8 Chemistry: 6

    Biology: 8 Chemistry: 6
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    hi, they are in alright conditions,been highlighted

    hi, they are in alright conditions,been highlighted
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    "implication" and "effect"

    when an essay ask you to discuss the implications is it asking you to discuss the effect?
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    How many long responses is everyone preparing?

    how do u know which dot points are for extended response?
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    Long response predictions?

    Holy.. thats hard
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    Long response predictions?

    if it's on environment, whats the question gonna be like
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    Excel Economics

    Re: Economics LOL im not that screwed. just wondeirng if excel is a good source to revise
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    Long response predictions?

    How do you know?
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    Excel Economics

    Re: Economics year 12.. im wondering if its useful especially when final HSC is coming in a short period of time
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    Excel Economics

    Is Excel a good source to study Economics from? cos the notes seem condensed
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    ATAR estimates needed

    oh wow you are doing really well! though ur school rank isnt that high but you are doing reasonably well in internal. keep working! 98+ is possible for you!
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    another atar estimate please (with final ranks)

    Thanks. and can anyone estimate what bands im getting for each subject?
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    Atar estimate please =]

    dude you gun. you are gettingn 99.95 the science god and eco master.
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    ATAR Guestimate~

    because it sounds like your cohort is strong and some people are quite gun getting estimates over 98 - 99 ish. you ranks arent that bad at least you are not coming last. ITs very dependent on externals and theres a great potential to get 90+ if u do well in externals [but make sure you dont eat...