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  1. ZEROtheHERO

    BA- Psych

  2. ZEROtheHERO

    Let's combine the dates for the 2010 HSC timetable (:

    dammit i had a better timetable this year, lol. oh well.
  3. ZEROtheHERO

    2010 University Offers Thread (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    nursing @ UWS campbelltown. mm >_>
  4. ZEROtheHERO

    who's keen for offers and what are you hoping to get??

    Re: cant wait till wednesday Dear wednesday at 9pm, PLEASE EFFING HURRY UP.
  5. ZEROtheHERO

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    72.85 2 points lower than calculated zzzz i suck
  6. ZEROtheHERO

    Parents reaction to ATAR

    my mum just said naw. Not much of a reaction, ffffff. dad doesn't know yet
  7. ZEROtheHERO

    whos depressed

    same. i was so emo today. =[
  8. ZEROtheHERO

    Wait...still confused. Which marks are these?

  9. ZEROtheHERO

    Results Tomorrow

    Re: 1 day till HSC results come out !! :O !! yeahhhhhh
  10. ZEROtheHERO


    she's so pretty and i love the plaits in her hair!
  11. ZEROtheHERO

    yes. xD hey roffy.

    yes. xD hey roffy.
  12. ZEROtheHERO

    09ers Yr 12 Formal

    Mine was last friday, it was awesome! Best music of the night was grease.
  13. ZEROtheHERO

    predicted raw marks

    Around the 70's-80's.
  14. ZEROtheHERO

    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    In question one, What type of columns were they? O_O
  15. ZEROtheHERO

    If you hate English, you must post here in celebration

    I'm happy, but i ended on a bad note. Naw. Burnt part of my module c essay and ripped up the rest. It felt good. REALLY GOOD.
  16. ZEROtheHERO

    What have you eaten today?

    two eggs, coffee and two of those dark ferroro rocher things. mm.