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  1. turnerloos

    February Round Offers

    would chances still be the same in feb round 2?
  2. turnerloos

    you owe me $10 cunt

    you owe me $10 cunt
  3. turnerloos

    How hard is engineering?

    Plot twist: pass average
  4. turnerloos

    good luck tmr dickhead

    good luck tmr dickhead
  5. turnerloos

    3 days left till atar

    fucking Savage Sien.
  6. turnerloos

    Possible to switch from Standard to Adv English?

    some schools send dodgy shit to bos. should be all g
  7. turnerloos

    Question about EAS

    go home, you're drunk.
  8. turnerloos

    Possible to switch from Standard to Adv English?

    if you do extremely well in your assessment task(s) then you could have a chance to move up... if not, just flop out your realistic atar.
  9. turnerloos

    Need attention! I am lazy but want to do decent in HSC help me please!

    "Lazy but what to do decent in HSC" what a fucking joke bro.
  10. turnerloos

    Hsc verbs? Eli5 pls

    coming from someone who hasn't received their atar yet.
  11. turnerloos

    How flexible is the atar

    are you serious...
  12. turnerloos

    signing out?

    fuarrr you guys are bad cunts..
  13. turnerloos

    How flexible is the atar

    Does your 94 incl. Bonus points?
  14. turnerloos

    Lol is anyone bored already?

    anyone wanna netflix and chill?
  15. turnerloos

    HSC results

    bro dw. just assume you got 99 ez
  16. turnerloos

    HSC results

    https://studentsonline.bostes.nsw.edu.au/go/studentdetails/personal/ login to studentonline. see "hsc results delivery"
  17. turnerloos

    (Just Some Notes On My Mark Goals)

    if you learnt how to read at school, you would see that op predicted a raw 72 but due to his class, he's predicting a 75 hsc mark.
  18. turnerloos

    Raw Marks

    i never knew you became a hsc marker